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Sasha Banks Says Women’s Wrestling Is ‘The Greatest Thing Ever”

Sasha Banks says women’s wrestling is ‘The Greatest Thing Ever”

During WrestleMania 37, Banks made history by taking part in a SmackDown Women’s Championship match against Bianca Belair. She did this on night one of the events and made history. She’s made history outside of WWE as one of the stars of “The Mandalorian,” which is a movie.

As a result of her efforts at NXT before joining the main roster helped usher in a new era for the WWE women’s division.

“This universe keeps giving me so much more,” Banks stated during her interview with The Athletic. “It’s so cool that my hard work since I was a kid is paying off. Women’s wrestling is something I wanted forever, it’s being taken seriously. Yet, I never want that to change. I want it to be something people look to and think it’s the greatest thing they’ve ever seen. I want my face on the posters and I want people buying tickets to see Sasha Banks.”

Sasha Banks has established himself as a crossover sensation thanks to his role in “The Mandalorian,” his appearance on “Hot Ones,” his participation in the NCAA Football National Championship open, and other projects. However, Banks considers herself to be a descendant of the likes of The Rock and John Cena who came before her in the wrestling world.

“I think I can in such a different way,” she expressed. “I see The Rock as maybe the biggest global superstar, and John Cena is coming right behind him. It would be cool to see a woman step into that level. I think with Sasha Banks and Mercedes Varnado right there, I think the stars are aligned for me.”

At WrestleMania 38, Banks and Naomi will battle for the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championships.


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