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Scarlett Talks WWE Return

Scarlett was released from WWE in November 2021 along with her then-fiance, Karrion Kross. The two returned to WWE on August 5 and attacked Drew McIntyre. While speaking with Corey Graves on WWE After The Bell podcast She discussed her return.

“The thing I was nervous about, I was nervous that I wasn’t going to feel those same butterflies anymore because I had become almost too peaceful and content not being there. Going through day by day, I was like, ‘I love wrestling, I don’t need it to make me happy.’ At one point, my identity was completely associated with my career, that was everything about it. I was most worried coming out, ‘Am I going to feel that?’ Oh my God, everything is back and rushing in. It was just as special as the very first time I ever had my first match. It was perfect and amazing,” – Scarlett

Going on further, Scarlett and Kross discussed their working relationship with Triple H. Prior to their release, Kross and Scarlett had been separated in a decision that was heavily criticized by the fans. Scarlett rejoined Kross as he confronted Drew McIntyre and Roman Reigns.

“As a woman in wrestling, yeah, to feel respected and heard, yeah. Sometimes you feel, as a woman, you feel very shut down or don’t feel comfortable talking to the boss about certain ideas. Hunter is always there, a text away. We just messaged him yesterday with certain ideas and character arcs and storylines. It feels great to have that relationship with a boss who is accessible that way. He loves wrestling, he absolutely loves wrestling, and wants to make the best show possible. You feel like you’re in great hands at all times.

Now that Scarlett is back in WWE, she’ll hopefully take over the Women’s Division and show the WWE Universe what she’s about.

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