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Serena Deeb & Hikaru Shida Set For Philly Street Fight

Serena Deeb vs. Hikaru Shida’s next chapter has culminated in a big match-up set for next week’s Dynamite. In a Philly Street Fight, the fierce foes will face off once more.

These two opponents have met each other four times, and they both have two wins, making their feud 2-2. The feud began in October of the previous year. When the two last met in January, Deeb humiliated Shida, prompting her to take a break and return to Japan. Shida returned to AEW on the March 4 episode of Rampage, exploding with vengeance as she assaulted Deeb with her kendo staff, chasing her into the audience.

Now, both women will compete in a Philly Street Fight that might finish the feud and see one of these women take the last win to break the tie.

It's time to finish this right where it started NEXT WEEK on #AEWDynamite in a Philly Street Fight: @shidahikaru v @serenadeeb! — All Elite Wrestling (@AEW) April 21, 2022


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