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Linda Miles participated and was victorious in the second season of the Tough Enough reality television competition show. Miles was then promoted to RAW shortly after, where she began competing against main roster talent like as Trish Stratus as she began to acquire experience in the industry. However, it wasn’t until Linda made the switch to Smackdown that she finally found her niche in the form of the tough and outspoken Shaniqua.

Shaniqua looked stunning in her sultry locks and leather boots, and she had legs for miles. Legs that she would utilize to throw one of the finest leg finishers ever, as well as a devastating power bomb, if she had them. Her role was a dominatrix who made it obvious to her patrons, the Basham Brothers, that if they did not deliver the victory, they would face quick penalties from the opposing side.

Backstage, Shaniqua put her lads through the ringer with whippings, chokeholds, and even tied them up for everyone to witness, and she had no qualms about doing so. Shaniqua was on her way to assisting in the establishment of a women’s division on Smackdown. With her brief rivalry with Nidia and Dawn Marie, there was a glimmer of optimism that she could’ve turned out to be a huge heel for these two ladies to contend with and defeat. The ladies on the roster had a great opportunity to put on some good matches and perhaps even win a championship.

Despite just spending a brief period of time in the WWE, Shaniqua left a lasting effect during the Ruthless Aggression Era.

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