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Sojournor Bolt 

Sojournor Bolt, the tenth and youngest child, had to learn to stand out from an early age. There are various roles Sojo Bolt has taken on in the wrestling profession, including being a part of the first generation of Impact Wrestling Knockouts and the proprietor of the Queens Of Combat Wrestling.

In 2003, Bolt made her professional wrestling debut in the Ohio Valley Wrestling promotion. AEW’s own Serena Deeb fought her for the women’s title in a famous match.

At Impact Wrestling, Sojo quickly set her sights on the gold and faced the immovable rock, Awesome Kong, which Sojo exhibited no signs of intimidation. With her tenacity and determination in the match, Sojo instantly won over the fans and established herself as a fan favorite.

Upon Bolt’s signing with the Impact, she formed this villainous group alongside Awesome Kong, Rhaka Khan, and Raisha Saeed, which was one of the first groups to include only women of color.

Sojo returned to OVW after her Impact run to become the longest-reigning women’s champion in OVW history with a reign of 343 days. By owning Queens of Combat, an all-women’s promotion based out of North Carolina, Sojo has been able to open doors for other female wrestlers by providing them with a platform to showcase their talents.

Highspots and Sojo collaborated on Diva Diaries, a series of in-depth interviews with female wrestlers that were amusing, informative, and educational. These interviews were a breath of new air for fans of women’s wrestling since they hadn’t previously had access to them.

We would just witness a man asking improper questions to the female wrestlers and not delve into what made them so great. Soujournor Bolt should be recognized as a brilliant, charming, and important woman because of her contributions to the field.


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