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Sonya Deville Reveals Herself As Bianca Belair’s New Opponent

Sonya Deville and Bianca Belair will meet in the ring soon. After beating Queen Zelina in a non-title match, Bianca Belair learned who her next opponent would be. Sonya Deville, a WWE authority.

Deville had a contract in hand before Belair’s match against Zelina, and she told Adam Pearce she knows who would replace Belair. As soon as Belair vanquished Zelina, she ran to the ring to tell her the news.

On Monday night, Deville congratulated Belair on capturing the Raw Women’s Title against Becky Lynch. She got the champ to sign the contract as an open challenge without naming the opponent. After the deal was finalized, Deville began to hype up Belair onstage. With the champ’s back turned, Deville struck Belair, kneeing her. Deville inked a deal to be Belair’s next opponent.

Deville was confronted by Adam Pearce backstage after the show, and he expressed his unhappiness with her misuse of authority. Despite the fact that no specific date for their battle has been announced, WrestleMania Backlash will take place on May 8.

In an exclusive Digital Exclusive, Belair discusses how Deville is no match for her abilities. Instead of wearing jackets and creating matches for a year as Deville has done, The EST has been donning titles and making history.


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