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Stardom Spotlight: AZM

AZM has already made a significant name for herself in the world of professional wrestling despite being only 20 years old. AZM (pronounced Azumi) has won numerous championships during her second tenure as High-Speed Champion and has ruled the World Wonder Ring Stardom for more than 300 days. The IWGP Women’s World Champion Mercedes Monè has accepted the “pro wrestling prodigy’s” challenge for the championship due to the “pro wrestling prodigy’s” prolific accomplishments.

Monè’s entry into NJPW and Stardom has brought attention to joshi puroresu and the underappreciated but top-tier female wrestlers. In this new wave of professional wrestlers, AZM is a legend. Here, we examine her professional background and top achievements.

2013 saw the “High-Speed Bomb Girl” AZM face Natsuki Taiyo, and the match ended in a time-limit draw. She had just turned eleven. AZM joined the Stardom faction Queen’s Quest after making her debut, which was founded by Io Shirai, a former NXT Women’s Champion and Genius of the Sky (aka Iyo Skye).

She shared the Artist of Stardom Championship victory in 2017 with Shirai and HZK (Hazuki). Together with her stablemates Momo Watanabe and Utami Hayashishita, she won it once more later that year and in 2019.

AZM is the current two-time High-Speed Champion (the first title was won in 2020), and she is renowned for her agility and quickness in the ring. AZM is a calculated technician who can attack her opponents with a barrage of vicious techniques. Her “Azumi Sushi” cradle pin, a diving body attack, a double stomp, and a vicious snap suplex are some of her favorites. Her leg drops the armbar clutch from the second rope and La Mystica Fujiwara Armbar is her most dangerous move. AZM has received a lot of praise in the wrestling community for her deft, deliberate moves and boundless vigor. She is already regarded by many as one of the greatest workers of her generation, if not all time.

The High-Speed champion has faced great opponents like Tam Nakano, Syuri, and Mei Suruga. Her most notable rivals, however, are Natsupoi of the Cosmic Angels and Starlight Kid of Oedo Tai.

AZM approached the champion to eagerly propose a match after Mercedes Monè previously expressed interest in competing against him. Monè accepted the challenge via Twitter a short while later, but no specific time has been specified. Online fans from all over the world predicted the winners and a stellar performance from both women after the exchange.

You’re gonna love the taste of #Moné 🤑💴 #STARDOM — Mercedes Moné Varnado (@MercedesVarnado) February 20, 2023

AZM had a long list of achievements as a professional wrestler at the age of just twenty. This will inevitably result in a fast-paced, heart-pounding match for the ages when combined with Monè’s status.


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