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Tegan Nox Returns & Helps Liv Morgan Take Out Damage Control

Tegan Nox has returned to WWE!

To aid Liv Morgan in overcoming Damage CTRL, Tegan Nox came back. The group, which also includes Dakota Kai and IYO SKY, the current WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions, traveled to SmackDown to address the division. They rehash WarGames and claim that nobody from SmackDown even took part.

Morgan responds to Bayley and the tag champions’ claims as her music begins to play. The SmackDown women’s locker room seems to be causing them problems, she claims. Morgan declares that she will handle this matter on behalf of the female locker room. Morgan sped toward the ring without displaying any signs of concern as she calculated the odds of three to one and declared that they seemed reasonable.

The moment Nox’s music began to play, Morgan had had enough of the number games. Nox rushed to the ring and engaged in combat with Damage CTRL as the commentators discussed her history with Kai. Morgan was already down, so Nox was now facing a three-on-one situation.

Morgan breaks Bayley’s kendo stick as she defeats all three Damage CTRL members. The faction retreats after Nox deals Bayley the Shiniest Wizard. Nox hasn’t competed in any other wrestling events since leaving WWE. Her release took place in November 2021. After the draft broke up her SmackDown tag team with Shotzi, she was sent to Raw, where she never debuted before being released.

Shayna Baszler Def. Emma

Emma fought Shayna Baszler elsewhere on SmackDown. We have witnessed the reemergence of the older Baszler since her alliance with Ronda Rousey, the SmackDown Women’s Champion. Baszler was able to earn the victory after using the Kirifuda Clutch to force Emma to tap out. Baszler was obviously not finished even though the match had ended. Shotzi’s music stops Emma from stomping on her arm.

Shotzi rushed to the ring to assist Emma, but Baszler was also able to defeat Shotzi. Baszler backed off only when Raquel Rodriguez entered the ring. Last week, Baszler broke Rodriguez’s elbow, as evidenced by the elbow brace she wore to represent the kayfabe injury.

As Baszler walks away, she observes that it took three individuals to defeat her. Next week, Baszler and Shotzi will face off in a match. They need three of them to accomplish what she can, according to Baszler in a Digital Exclusive.

Lacey Evans Gets Back To Basics In New Vignette 

Lacey Evans is repackaged again on Friday Night SmackDown. Evans’ latest repackaging says she’s going back to basics. WWE Friday Night SmackDown’s December 2 episode featured a vignette about her repackaging. The idea of going back to the fundamentals is similar to what Lacey Evans said after she was eliminated from the WWE Survivor Series challenger competition by Ronda Rousey. Evans has undergone many repackaging’s this year—this is far from the first. Lacey Evans’ journey to WWE Superstardom was chronicled in a series of vignettes earlier in 2022, but this is the first time under the new Triple H-led administration that she has received a spotlight.

Zelina Vega’s promo with Legado del Fantasma and commentary for the World Cup finals between Santos Escobar and Ricochet were also on SmackDown.

Check out our Smackdown After show on YouTube.


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