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The Arrival of Sukeban, A Revolutionary Company

This past Friday, it was announced that a group of Joshi women would be making history. Rumors have been surfacing over the past several months about a prospective Joshi puroresu company forming in the United States, with wrestling legend Bull Nakano involved in production roles. After a great deal of anticipation, the company released a new trailer, website, and debut event on September 21st— which rocked wrestling fans across the world.

Sukeban, a common term in the 1960s-70s for young female “delinquent” feminists, will feature a roster of talent from various established companies such as Stardom, Tokyo Joshi Pro, Sendai Girls, and Seadlinnng as well as a few faces shrouded in mystery. However, the wrestlers won’t be assuming their usual names and characters— an entirely new world has been devised just for this promotion by the women themselves.

The long-term factions for Sukeban are The Vandals, Harajuku Stars, Cherry Bomb Girls, and Dangerous Liaisons. The Vandals features Atomic Banshee (Ram Kaicho), Otaku-chan (Kaori Yoneyama), Midnight Player (AOI), and the masked BINGO. Harajuku Stars, a tribute to Harajuku culture and style, is composed of Ichigo Sayaka (Unagi Sayaka), Babyface (Ancham), Maya Mamushi (Maya Yuhiki), and allegedly Saki Bimi (SAKI). The smallest of the factions, Cherry Bomb Girls, packs a powerful punch with Crush Yuu (Yuu), Riko Blondie (Riko Kaiju), and wild card Supersonic. Lastly, The Dangerous Liaisons features an all-star lineup of Commander Nakajima (Arisa Nakajima), Countess Saori (Saori Anou), Lady Antoinette (Risa Sera), and Queen of Hearts (Miyuki Takase).

The final mystery member of Sukeban’s roster is black-belt Stray Cat, who many anticipate being the former Stardom roster member coming out of retirement for the promotion.

As competitors fight for the ultimate prize— the Sukeban World Championship (crafted by Marc Newsom)— they will battle heartbreak, betrayal, and relish in victory and glory. This company is the first of its kind— Japanese-owned, US-based, and featuring an all-female roster— including classic twists on the pro wrestling world fans know and love.

Sukeban bridges a gap between international Joshi fans and typical American wrestling, breaking barriers and overcoming the stereotypes which push Joshi puro away from narrow minds. As an all-female company spearheaded by women of color accessible on an international level, Sukeban is shaping to be the biggest news in wrestling today.

And with a plethora of talent freely expressing themselves, their art, and love for wrestling, Sukeban is certainly living up to its unapologetic namesake. The debut show, which will take place at the Capitale just outside the heart of New York City, will also feature other venues of unique draw-in, such as nail art by famous influencer Nails by Mei, merchandise and costumes by Olympia Le-Tan (as well as hats crafted by Stephen Jones), and art by Sakana Toji.

Tickets released at 10 am EST on Friday, September 1, and sold out in around two hours. For more information and updates on Sukeban, follow their Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok @sukeban_world or visit

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