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The Goddess or The Evil is Mine??

Alexa finally made her long awaited return on the May 9th, 2022 edition of Monday Night Raw. Bliss who has not been seen on Raw since before the Extreme Rules pay-per-view last September. Vignettes started to air on Bliss’ therapy sessions as she was set to make her return to Raw in January. Instead, she appeared in the Elimination Chamber Match in February as the surprise entrant but has not been used on WWE programming since then.

Pearce would emerge onto the stage and let Deville know that the higher-ups have concluded their investigation of her authority position. They have decided that Deville has abused her powers time and time again and that she is hereby terminated from her position as a WWE Official. However, she is still an in-ring competitor which will now mean that she can no longer have an excuse to not compete.

Bliss would made short work of a distraught Deville by delivering Twisted Bliss winning her first match back on Raw in nearly 3 months. Deville was completely crushed over what happened as she would scream and lose it at ringside to end the segment. Now that Alexa Bliss is back it will be very interesting to see if she’s going to have split personalities or just be the goddess…for right now!


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