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The Greatest Of Our Time

DISCLAIMER – The views in this article do not reflect nor represent the entire views of Women’s Wrestling Talk. I, Nickie Booshie, am the sole carrier of these thoughts, opinions, views, and feelings. Thank you again, for your time.

Honestly, when I started this article, I had no idea I would be in this position. As soon as I became a writer at Women’s Wrestling Talk, I knew that this article would happen sooner or later.

When I first saw Charlotte Flair, she had something that was needed in WWE at the time. The way she presented herself in the ring drew my attention and kept me watching. Over the years, her dominance over the division carries more weight than her last name.

Photo Credit: Instagram | @kimberlasskick

More Than Just A Last Name

I continue to sit in rooms and spaces for years, listening to the comments. For years, I have heard the consistent disrespect upon Charlotte Flair, spilling over into personal attacks when nothing else can be found. Many say her last name carries her to the top.

That argument can die now. People ask me, “Why do you like her some much?” “She is so over-pushed?” “She holds the division back!”

I always respond, “Give me three reasons.” I truly want to know why she should not be where she is today. They all sound like excuses. I rarely receive a clear answer or even a valuable argument. Many of us watched the same men get a push after push, championship after championship, with no complaints.

There is always some sort of excuse when it comes to giving her respect. You do not have to be a fan, at all. However, questioning the talent, importance, and ability of Charlotte Flair is impossible at this moment.

Say what you want, there is no denying the most decorated woman in sports entertainment. She has elevated herself to a different level and the critics hate it. They always have to find something, very much something.

They Say It’s All About Booking But Is It?

Her success in WWE goes beyond good booking. She excels in every opportunity, turning into the opportunity herself. Charlotte Flair is the one to beat. Charlotte Flair is the one they use to put them over time and time again.

When Money in the Bank comes around, the cash in means more when done on Charlotte Flair. When Royal Rumble comes around, the main target is to eliminate Charlotte Flair, champion or not. At any moment, she is the biggest competition. That is what you call booking, right?

A 13-time WWE Women’s Champion, two-time NXT Women’s Champion, the last Divas Champion, the first-ever woman to win a Hell in a Cell match, first-ever WWE Raw Women’s Champion, 2020 Royal Rumble Winner, and yet it is all about booking, right?

Scripted or not, the talent of Ashley Fliehr is undeniable. A true athlete and the constant face of WWE. She is the most consistent figure, the true standard of the division if you will.

In addition, you can be given every single opportunity the world has to offer. That does not mean you will have the skill or the mental capability to complete the task in front of you. When Charlotte Flair is given the opportunity, she makes it her own.

Stop the chatter and just respect. She is the greatest of our time. And please do not forget, she is your current #ANDSTILL WWE Smackdown Women’s Champion! WOOOOOOOOOOOO!

Photo Credit: Instagram | @kimberlasskick

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