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Tiffany Stratton Becomes New NXT Women’s Champion

Tiffany Stratton wins NXT Women’s Champion at the NXT Battleground event on Sunday. After Indi Hartwell joined Raw almost a month ago, the title became vacant.

Following an eight-woman tournament, Stratton and Lyra Valkyria advanced to the championship round. Both women put on a show during the 16-minute contest, making it one to watch. The main discussion point was Valkyria’s injured leg. Jade attacked Valkyria’s leg, causing her to be less than 100% after she defeated her to reach the finals.

Even with Valkyria’s injury, it appeared that the game could still end either way. Nevertheless, Tiffany Stratton would eventually nail the BME on his second attempt (Valkyria had blocked it on the first attempt) and score a three.

Stratton joined NXT in 2021, making this her first gold in the organization.

However, they weren’t the only women on the show, even though this was the only women’s match. Lash Legend and Jakara Jackson showed up during a Heritage Cup contest between Noam Dar and Dragon Lee.

To divert the referee, Jackson first ran down to the ring. Legend came out from behind the barrier and threw a bucket at Dragon Lee. Due to this, Dar was able to win, and Oro Mensah joined them all in their celebration.

The hooded NXT assailant appeared in a vignette. She was rehearsing her assaults, including the most recent one toward Roxanne Perez, by watching video of them. She says she will make herself known on NXT this coming Tuesday.

Check out our NXT Battleground Post-Show below.


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