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Tiffany Stratton Did Not Expect To Debut Quickly On NXT 2.0

Tiffany Stratton has quickly become a fan favorite in NXT 2.0 Women’s. Her gymnastic training has helped her perform effectively in a short time. Stratton had her first match in November against Amari Miller on 205 Live where she would pick up the victory. She would appear for the first time on NXT in December in another victory against Fallon Henley.

While speaking with El Brunch de WWE she shared that she did not expect to debut so quickly on television.

“So, I didn’t really — so I had my tryout for WWE back in May, last May and I didn’t really hear anything for a couple of weeks and then I got the email about a month after my tryout, and it was over Zoom and I was very happy, and it was a very good moment.

I am very pleased to be in 2.0. I did not anticipate being placed on television so quickly. When I began working at the P.C. in the end of August or the beginning of September, and I made my debut in the middle of December. I did not anticipate that to happen, so I consider myself really fortunate that I was able to make my debut so soon after just working at the P.C. for a short period of time.”

Stratton also participated as a fill-in for the recent first Women’s Breakout Tournament. She took the spot of Nikkita Lyons who went out with an injury. Stratton faced Fallon Henley in the semifinals before falling to the winner, Roxanne Perez in the finals.

NXT’s resident Buff Barbie Doll credits that specific match as a breakout for her career.

“That match, I feel like with Fallon [Henley in the NXT Women’s Breakout tournament], I really feel like it was one of my breakout matches. I feel like I showcased a lot of my talent and a lot of what I can bring to the table in that match, and I really feel like that match was something that really helped my career. So, I feel very, very good about that match. One of my favorites.”

Stratton talks about watching WWE together with her father when she was younger which helped her get into gymnastics. She credits Rey Mysterio as an inspiration for her career. She would then go into training with Greg Gagne as well as going to Ken Anderson’s gym.

“So back when I was little, my dad and I, we would watch WWE together and I actually got into gymnastics because I saw people — I saw Rey Mysterio doing all the flips and stuff and I wanted to learn how to flip so that’s how I actually got into gymnastics, so that kind of catapulted my gymnastics career and I didn’t really think of getting into wrestling until I got a little bit older and I didn’t really know how to really get into wrestling myself.

With her athleticism and move set, Tiffany Stratton might be the face of NXT 2.0.


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