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Tiffany Stratton Wins In A Shocking Ending

The history of the Great American Bash lands in Austin, Texas. Feuds continue to build while others seem to end, for now. Kicking us off, the man himself - Cody Rhodes. Rhodes gives us a message to remind fans of the true feeling of the connection when sports entertainment and professional wrestling come together.

On the kick-off show, Meta-Four tries to prove their dominance over the team of Nathan Frazier, Dragon Lee, Valentina, and Yulisa. However, Meta-Four comes up short and takes the L.

Speaking of feuds, Roxanne Perez and Blair Davenport take an ugly turn. Last week, the two superstars fought it out in a gas station brawl. At Great American Bash, all bets are off!

As Roxanne Perez makes her way to the ring, Blair Davenport comes from the crowd to attack Perez.

To add even more misery to the beating, Davenport makes sure to take out Perez in front of her own family. Davenport places Perez inside the trash can and the humiliation begins. Perez does whatever she cans to fight back and shows a different side to fans.

Ultimately, Perez gains momentum and the win over Davenport. However, this feud seems to be just beginning and Davenport is far from done.

As we know, the NXT Women's Championship is on the line. After their last encounters, Tiffany Stratton and Thea Hail settle the score in the ring. This time, a submission match!

The ending brings fans to a bit of a halt. Chase U Dean, Andre Chase, throws in the towel on behalf of Hail. What could this mean? With a very controversial ending, of course, we want your thoughts!

Join the conversation over on our Twitter @WWTalkPod and let us know what you think of the ending and the entire #NXTGAB show!

Photo Credits from this article: WWE


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