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TJPW Joshi Talent Appears for Promotion of AEW Fight Forever

This past weekend, talent from All Elite Wrestling crossed paths with some of DDT and TJPW’s best to promote their upcoming video game, Fight Forever, set to be released in the forthcoming year. The matches took place at the Tokyo Game Show event outside of the city at the Makuhari Messe venue. It featured familiar faces such as Riho, Yuka Sakazaki, and Ryo Mizunami, as well as TJPW newcomer Hikari Noa.

As a member of the idol group the Up Up Girls and a death match fanatic, Noa exudes uniqueness and duality in her wrestling. She began her career in 2018 at the age of twenty, putting her heart and soul into the sport— and it shows every time she steps in the ring. This is also evident in her run as International Princess Champion in a reign that lasted 245 days.

Recognizable almost immediately for her alternative look and various shades of blue, Noa has stood out in TJPW due to her pension for aggression and toughness. She has challenged the likes of Rina Yamashita and Atsushi Oshida and has developed herself in such a way that she fits right in with the hardcore/deathmatch style without missing a beat.

When she’s not performing with idols and friends Raku and Miu Watanabe to open and close TJPW shows, she’s establishing herself as one of TJPW’s strongest and most aggressive stars. It’s no surprise she has garnered such international attention.

Still, rather early in her career, she remains versatile— working easily with teams in tag matches, remaining fearless against larger opponents, and always adapting. She maintains passion and severity that overpowers her youth and makes her difficult to overlook.

This was Noa’s first time under the All Elite Wrestling banner, and she seized the spotlight, competing with and against the likes of Konosuke Takeshita, Mizunami, Sakazaki, and Riho throughout the weekend. While her record was not as successful as she would have liked, Noa was grateful for the opportunity.

AEWさんの中心で大活躍してる方々を、3日間立て続けに独り占めできちゃう機会ってこれから先あるのかな……、この経験は、楽しかった。いい経験だった。だけで終わらせちゃいけない!今日まで、世界で戦ってきた方々ひとりひとりの世界をたくさん感じちゃおう!!世界縦断だね!! — 乃蒼ヒカリ Hikari Noa (@uug_p_hikari) September 17, 2022

She took to Twitter to announce that she was eager and interested in a future partnership with AEW. “This experience was fun,” she wrote. “It was a good experience. Don’t just let it end!” (via translation).

During the three days, various opponents would clash in singles and tag matches to promote the release of AEW’s third video game since their formation. Titled Fight Forever, the game appears to feature arcade-style matchups, career modes, and various stipulation matches.

It is available for preorder on the Fight Forever official page. TJPW is available to stream on Wrestle Universe. You can follow Hikari Noa’s journey via Twitter and Instagram at @uug_p_hikari.


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