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TJPW Spotlight: Miyu Yamashita

Miyu Yamashita of Tokyo Joshi Pro comes to mind when thinking of joshi puroresu. The TJPW Princess Tag Team Champion and EVE Champion, Maki Itoh, has held five titles in nine reigns. TJPW, founded by Yamashita, has grown from a minor draw to a major one. We look at Yamashita’s impressive career and some of her greatest victories, which have made her one of the best female wrestlers of the modern era.

Yamashita wanted to be a Japanese idol—a singer, dancer, and performer with a large fan base—not a professional wrestler. She trained in mixed martial arts and Kyokushin, a Japanese karate style while attending many auditions as a child. When she was 17, she met DDT’s Kyohei Mikami (also known as Mikami), who convinced her to help launch Tokyo Joshi Pro.

Soon after making her TJPW debut in August 2013, Yamashita was elevated to one of the organization’s top stars. “The Pink Striker” is feared for her powerful kicks and Kyokushin-style offense. Yamashita’s deadly moves included a skull kick followed by a vicious running knee strike, Ebisu Drop, Brazilian kicks, Cobra Clutch, and a German suplex.

Yamashita and other early roster players helped TJPW succeed by earning enough to build rings and solo shows. The first Princess of Princess Champion, she defeated Shoko Nakajima on January 4, 2016. (at the time called TOKYO Princess of Princess Champion).

With a total of 1,065 days as TJPW’s top champion, The Pink Striker would hold the title three times in a row, most recently from April 2021 to March 2022. These two statistics set top records for the business. Yamashita is therefore without a doubt Tokyo Joshi Pro’s ace.

She was Princess Tag Team, EVE, three-time DDT Ironman Heavy Metal, and SHINE for 36 days. At Grand Princess 2023, 121000000 (pronounced 1-2-1 million)—Itoh and Yamashita—won a brutal, physical match against the Wasteland War Party, which included Max the Impaler and Heidi Howitzer.

Meiko Satomura, Reika Saiki, Shoko Nakajima, Maki Itoh, Athena, and Thunder Rosa have all been opponents for Yamashita. In a mixed tag team competition, she defeated Kenny Omega. Yamashita is undoubtedly a force that can outperform any opponent. She deserves recognition as one of her generation’s top wrestlers because she is a trailblazer and star.

For her return to US competition, Miyu Yamashita has already been offered shows and bookings. She has the handle @miyu_tjp on Twitter, where you can follow her journey.


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