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Tony Khan Calls Dr. Britt Baker DMD A Savage!

Ahead of Full Gear, Tony Khan host an hour media briefing discussing the upcoming event. He speaks highly of Dr. Britt Baker DMD along with discussing Thunder Rosa. In addition, he talks about the match between Nyla Rose and Jade as well as Toni Storm and Jamie Hayter.

Our very own Emily Hollwedel gets a chance to ask Khan about the next steps for the women’s division. In addition, they ask about his plans after Full Gear and the new heights he wants to reach.

More From The Briefing

The Status Of Thunder Rosa

“I am still weighing the pros and cons. Thunder Rosa is a great wrestler and it’s unfortunate she is injured and kept her out a long time but it’s not an easy situation.”

He goes on to state that it is a good idea to eventually have a crowning of a linear champion. In addition, this is all depending on the way things go moving forward.

Saraya’s Return To The Ring

“I am certainly hoping for and expecting a great match. I think we have every reason to expect something great when Saraya returns to the ring. It’s a great story, she’s been out of wrestling and many people thought she would never return to the ring. It’s very compelling.”

Dr. Britt Baker DMD, The Savage

Khan continues to speak highly of Dr. Britt Baker, calling her a savage! In addition, he talks about her homegrown talent along with her will to put the company on her back.

“Dr. Britt Baker DMD is one of the homegrown stars in AEW.” He continues, “When AEW started, we saw firsthand that Britt was willing to go the extra mile. She’s been injured at times in matches and fought through. She’s had her nose broken several times.

He goes on to say, “She’s been in some of the bloodiest most barbaric matches in pro wrestling, Dr. Britt Baker is a savage!” 

He closes by giving his excitement about her match with Saraya along with all of the matches on the Full Gear card. Be sure to check out the entire call available now.


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