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Tony Khan Talks Women Potentially Headlining PPVs

Tony Khan was recently questioned about the possibility of a female PPV headliner. The AEW President noted how many concerts Britt Baker has closed, noting her consistency in such situations.

“I definitely think at some of our major events, Britt has main-evented some of the biggest events in the history of our company already. Britt was a main eventer against Ruby Soho at the Grand Slam,” he noted. “Which was the biggest event we have ever had in terms of fan attendance, and mainstream attention.

“Britt was the main event of the first-ever St Patrick’s Day Slam against Thunder Rosa, they were the main event, like you said, in that historic show. And that was the first-ever Dynamite women’s main event. And then the first-ever Rampage episode, Britt vs. Red Velvet in Pittsburgh was the main event of the first show we ever had, that was a World Championship match also. So, she has main-evented so many of these huge shows, and time and time again she has delivered.

“I have worked on the card order, and right now that is one of the key, pivotal matches on the card. It is not what I have going on last, but it is one of the biggest matches we’ve had. Many of the best matches in AEW history were on PPVs and not necessarily the very last match. Although, a lot of those last matches have been great too. It’s definitely something I am open to, and obviously having had Britt and Thunder Rosa the first St Patrick’s Day Slam main event.

“Again, just to reiterate, having Britt and having Britt and Red Velvet in the first-ever Rampage main event, period. And having had Britt vs Ruby Soho in the first-ever Grand Slam main event. Also Britt vs. Riho in the first-ever Battle Of The Belts main event. So, a lot of these signature cards we have seen Britt defending the title. Now, this is the toughest test I think she has faced as a champion, or as a pro wrestler. It’s a huge, huge match. There are a lot of main events on this card. Anything I think on this show could almost main event it.”

Tony Khan also remarked on the lesser amount of African American fans watching AEW than WWE. He said the corporation has been doing certain things to try to build that audience.

“I have noticed that I study the patterns very closely and it’s something I am cognizant of. And an audience that we really do want to grow, and it’s very important to us. Not just growing that audience, I think diversity is important to the company for a number of reasons,” he said. “But absolutely expanding our viewership, we think that is something that will help us. And that’s why you see so much diverse talent on the show.

“There’s been better representation, I think than ever before. Diversity among the champions and new stars coming in. I think when you look at who has been coming into the company, and the profile of free agents we continue to sign, and the huge push that Jade Cargill is getting, and a lot of the stars that have been getting pushed up the card and getting put in big spots. I think that is consistent with trying to grow that audience.”

AEW Revolution will take place this Saturday, March 6th at 8/7 c in Orlando, FL.


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