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Top 5: AJ Lee

For many years, the women in WWE were just looked at as eye candy until AJ Lee redefined what it meant to be a “diva.” Lee was one of the key elements for giving women the proper treatment in WWE being looked at as equal to the men. During her time in WWE, AJ held the Divas Championship for a record combined reign of 406 days. Lee was a crucial component in storylines for some top superstars, including Dolph Ziggler & John Cena. Having retired from the ring in 2015, Lee has advocated for mental health awareness and is a NY Times best-selling author for her 2017 memoir titled: Crazy Is My Superpower: How I Triumphed by Breaking Bones, Breaking Hearts, and Breaking the Rules. After six years away from the wrestling industry, Lee was announced as executive producer of WOW’s all-women’s wrestling show (Women Of Wrestling). She will also serve as a color commentator for the promotion in late 2022. Here are my top 5 AJ Lee moments.

5. Vickie Guerrero’s Divas Championship Invitational – Wrestlemania 30

Credit: WWE

The feud between AJ Lee and Vickie Guerrero was consistent for several years in WWE. The two women never really got along during their time with the company. Lee had the rare habit of getting under all of the women active on the roster during this time. Lee and Guerrero would come to blows when she announced that Lee would defend her Divas Championship against all women on WWE’s Main Roster at WrestleMania 30. The match would follow the Undertaker’s streak getting ended. The women worked hard to get the crowd engaged in this match, and they did just that. AJ would retain with a “Black Widow” submission hold forcing Naomi to tap out.

4. AJ Lee vs Kaitlyn – Divas Championship – Payback 2013

Credit: WWE

During their time in WWE, AJ & Kaitlyn became best friends and would refer to themselves as “The Chick Busters.” That made their downfall into becoming enemies even more emotional. The feud would see with Kaitlyn getting a “secret admirer,” which would end up being a clever humiliation move by AJ Lee when it was revealed that Big E was Kaitlyn’s admirer. Kaitlyn would come into fury against Lee and would overwhelm her with a ray of attack. The whole match was terrific from start to finish. The ending would see AJ lock in her “Black Widow” submission hold on Kaitlyn and allowing her to become the new Divas Champion and would start her iconic 300+ day reign as champion.

3. AJ Lee vs Paige – Divas Championship – Summerslam 2014

Credit: WWE

The rivalry between Paige and AJ was supposed to be a game-changing rivalry between these two women as Paige had debuted the night after WrestleMania 30 to answer AJ’s open challenge for her Divas Championship. Paige would dethrone Lee’s reign as the longest-reigning Divas Champion at three hundred days. Lee would return on the June 30th, 2014, episode of Raw and win back her Divas Title from Paige the same night. This rivalry looked to be going strong, but most of the contested matches were disappointments except this match. Their moves came off very fluidly and told the story of frenemies. The match would end with Paige countering AJ’s Black Widow submission into her finisher, “The Rampaige DDT,” giving Paige the Divas Championship in the process.

2. AJ Lee vs. Natalya – Divas Championship- TLC 2013

Credit: WWE

This match was Natalya’s first shot at the Divas Championship in 3 years. However, she was determined to dethrone AJ Lee and become a two-time Divas Champion in the process this night. Natalya and AJ would put on an enjoyable titular bout. This match was one of AJ’s best title defenses of her Diva’s Championship reign. Natalya would show an aggressive side during this match as she would ram AJ into the barricade. Both women would then counter each other’s holds and submissions. Natalya would hit AJ with a discus clothesline, but it was not enough as Lee would roll up Natalya and retain her Divas Championship in the process.

  1. AJ Lee, Naomi & Paige Vs. Natalya & The Bella Twins – Lee’s Last Match

Credit: WWE

The WWE Universe did not know that they would be seeing AJ Lee for the final time in 2015 when she tagged with Naomi and Paige to defeat the team of Natalya and The Bella Twins. The main reason Lee would walk away from WWE during this time was that WWE unceremoniously fired her husband CM Punk on their wedding day. This match was given 15 minutes which was a rarity as this was on the crisp of the #GiveDivasAChance movement. Naomi ended winning the match with her finisher “The Rear View” as AJ said goodbye to the WWE Universe for the final time.

Be sure to check out more OF AJ’S Legendary Career only on the WWE Network, and be sure to check out more top 5 moments from me dropping soon.


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