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Top 5 Moments: Chyna

Chyna, born Joanie Marie Laurer, was a professional wrestler, bodybuilder, model, television personality, and author. She originally rose to prominence in WWE in 1997 as a part of D-Generation X as the initial enforcer. Chyna was renowned as a trailblazing and strong competitor, leaving a legacy that is still spoken about today. Here are 5 of Chyna’s most memorable moments!

#5 Chyna Wins the WWE Women’s Title

After Chyna posed for Playboy in November 2000, WWE turned it into a rivalry between Chyna and Ivory, who was a member of Right to Censor at the time. She beat Ivory in a squash match at WrestleMania 17 to become the Women’s Champion for the first and only time. Chyna also defended the belt against Lita at Judgment Day on May 20, 2001. This bout lasted a little more than 6 minutes. Chyna retained her championship after dropping a Powerbomb on Lita. Following the match, both ladies exchanged respectful hugs. This was Chyna’s final WWF/WWE encounter before leaving the company in 2001. She had the title for more than 200 days. Chyna is also the only women’s champion in WWE who has never lost a match.

#4 Chyna and D-Generation X

Chyna was one of DX’s initial four members. Triple H, Shawn Michaels, and Rick Rude were the other original members. Rick, on the other hand, was not a DX wrestler. Chyna was the first and only female enforcer for the organization. Chyna’s duty was to be the bodyguard and do whatever it took to assure DX’s triumph. Chyna’s hallmark was to deliver a low blow to DX’s opponents in order for DX to win. While there were many members of the group DX, Chyna’s status as the group’s first female member stood out to me. She was also inducted into WWE’s Hall of Fame Class of 2019 as a member of DX. I believe Chyna should be admitted into the Hall of Fame on her own, but that is a topic for another day.

#3 Chyna and Eddie Guerrero

Eddie Guerrero and Chyna are one of my all-time favorite WWE couples. These two were diametrically opposed, but they worked so wonderfully together. Their on-screen relationship began when she teamed up with Too Cool to take on The Radicalz. Eddie would make several attempts, all to no effect, to earn her love. Not long later, Chyna’s partnership with Chris Jericho was destroyed when she assisted Eddie in winning the European Championship.

Eddie would call her his “Mamacita” and the two of them would work their magic. Eddie would offer her flowers and have other humorous moments in front of the audience. However, once Chyna stated that she would pose for Playboy, the plot shifted to Eddie being envious and even breaking into The Playboy house. Vickie Guerrero enjoyed it as well. Eddie and Chyna’s relationship was ended after Chyna saw the video of Eddie cheating on other women. Unfortunately, this match-up only took place in 2000, albeit it feels much longer. This clash, on the other hand, is a component of the Attitude Era that I remember fondly.

#2 Chyna and The Royal Rumble

Chyna was well-known for breaking the glass ceiling for female wrestlers many years ago. Chyna was the first female to compete in the Royal Rumble. Chyna was the 30th contestant in 1999. She was chosen after winning a battle royale. She was able to remove Mark Henry, but Stone Cold Steve Austin easily eliminated her. She also competed in the Royal Rumble in 2000, finishing 17th and defeating Chris Jericho. She was only in both rumbles for about a minute, but it was still a historic occasion.

Chyna was the first and only woman to compete in the Royal Rumble until Beth Phoenix debuted as contestant #6 and defeated The Great Khalil in 2010. After these two females, there are just two more women. Kharma, dubbed Awesome Kong, competed in the 2012 rumble. Finally, Nia Jax enters after replacing R-Truth at #30 in 2019. This one event in WWE history was the impetus for WWE to create a women’s Royal Rumble in 2018.

Notable Moments:

As you may have guessed, it is quite difficult for me to limit myself to just 5, but here are some important instances throughout Chyna’s career.

Chyna in NJPW

Chyna had a run in New Japan Pro Wrestling, a promotion that happens to be one of my faves. She had matches against wrestlers such as Masahiro Chono, The Great Muta and, Hiroshi Tanahashi. She won most of them as well. Unfortunately, she was only there for a few months.

Chyna poses for Playboy

As I mentioned previously, this shoot will be used in WWE multiple times. She appeared in the magazine twice. Her first shoot was one of the best-selling issues of all time.

Chyna’s Debut

Chyna debuted at In Your House. After Triple H’s match with Rocky Maivia aka The Rock. Goldust and Marlena aka Terri Runnels interfered in the match to help The Rock win. Chyna came out of the crowd to attack Marlena and choke her.

Chyna vs. Chris Jericho Survivor Series (1999)

Some may disagree, but I thought this was my favorite of the three back-to-back PPV battles between the two. Many males in wrestling did not want to surrender to women at the time, and Chyna was no exception. This was one of the night’s lengthier bouts, and it was rather entertaining. Chyna also retained her Intercontinental championship.

Chyna and King of the Ring

Chyna replaced Triple H in the King of the Ring tournament after Triple H decided to pursue the WWE championship instead. She beat Val Venis in the first round in 2 minutes and lasted over 14 minutes, the longest battle of the competition. She is the tournament’s first and only female competitor.

#1 Chyna Becomes the First & Only Woman to be the WWE Intercontinental Champion

Chyna faced Jeff in a Good Housekeeping bout at the No Mercy PPV on October 17, 1999. This was a tough match, but it was played using household items such as kitchen sinks, pans, brooms, and ironing boards. During his fight with Chyna, Jeff Jarrett played a macho chauvinist, claiming that Chyna belonged in the kitchen, not the ring. As a consequence, Chyna and Jeff sparred, culminating in Chyna smashing Jeff over the head with a guitar and becoming champion. Chyna would go on to carry the belt as a co-champion with Chris Jericho, a reign that WWE does not credit despite the fact that they were co-champions for 20 days. On August 27, 2000, she won her third and last title at Summer Slam. This was a tag match in which she teamed up with Eddie to face Val Venus and Trish Stratus.

The Ninth Wonder of the World was outstanding in triple threats, defeating Vince McMahon in the Corporation vs. DX, Corporate Rumble to fight in the Royal Rumble. Chyna was also the number one contender for the WWE Championship after defeating Triple H and being one of the most dominant wrestlers to ever grace the WWE. Chyna will be remembered as the marvel who smashed norms, broke ceilings, and left a legacy that will live on.


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