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Top 5 Moments: Divas Who Could Cut Promos

The women in WWE have all delivered and showcased how good things can be in and out of the ring. During this age, there were some incredible competitors, but there were also some incredible speakers. Whether it’s massive babyface promos or amazing trash-talking heels, this period has seen some of the finest talkers ever.

5. Melina

Melina was one of, if not the greatest female wrestlers of the Ruthless Aggression Era. She performed brilliantly both inside and outside the ring, and in whatever capacity she was given. Her athleticism and agility had her stand out, but she was also a good talker too. She was the mouthpiece for Johnny Nitro and Joey Mercury for MNM before branching out on her own for her solo career.

While Melina wasn’t the best in this period of time, she wasn’t bad either. She could cut a convincing promo and tell a story effectively, especially when working as a heel, and could captivate fans in attendance as well.

4. Beth Phoenix

Beth Phoenix was a legendary female wrestler who could do it all in and out of the ring. Her strong style in the ring was unusual in the WWE at the time. Phoenix promos were always persuasive and easy to get into, but when she turned heel, they came alive. Her strong delivery and amazing stories lead to several memorable promotions during her career.

3. AJ Lee

AJ Lee was amazing on the mic, but she wasn’t around to reap all the benefits. However, she provided the framework for others to do so. One way Lee did that was with her amazing promo skills.AJ might be a lovable babyface or a loathed heel by the WWE Universe, playing the psychopath character too well. She was always given tons of promo time and with good reason.

2. Michelle McCool

Michelle McCool was the best talker during the Ruthless Aggression Era for a woman during that time, with this being a major strength of hers. She could back it up in the ring, but when it came to talking, McCool could hold her own comfort in the ring with any woman she stepped across from her. Her ability to trash talk other wrestlers is something that made her an amazing heel, which pushed her as one of the top stars in this era. She was always confident with her talking and that is where she thrived.

1. Mickie James

On the microphone, Mickie James has always been a strong talker, which is one of the reasons she has had such a great wrestling career. James was great at diving into the character aspect of wrestling, which is what put her over so strong. Her initial program with Trish Stratus really set her up for major success in the WWE and she’s continued that strong work throughout her career. She could be a convincing babyface, having the fans feel sympathy for her, but she could also flip that and be a hated heel as well, showing great range across her career.

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