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Top 5 Moments: Jinny NXT UK

Born in Knightsside, London England, and trained by Jimmy Havoc, Jinny was the first female graduate of Progress Projo. She made her wrestling debut in 2015 and won the maiden Chaos Championship in 2017. She became the inaugural South Coast Queen of the Ring Champion in 2015. In 2016, Jinny made her Pro Wrestling Eve debut. Jinny signed with WWE in 2018 and was immediately considered a top contender for NXT Women’s championship. Her appearance in the 2018 Mae Young Classic was very impressive and put more eyes on her. It would have been difficult to choose only 5 achievements from Jinny’s numerous global promotions. So this is specifically a Top 5 for her time in NXT UK.

Jinny vs Meiko Satomura- November 25,2021

Jinny has stated her aim to win the NXT UK women’s title since her debut. She hired an enforcer to win every bout and interfered in title fights to show she was a threat. She aligned herself with Joseph Conners to show how she could even be successful in tag team wrestling. Jinny had gone for the title before against Kay Lee Ray, however, she didn’t take home the title. During this championship opportunity, I think that Jinny thought that this time would be different. However, she’s fighting Satomura and that doesn’t usually end well. Though Jinny lost this match, I feel it was essential because it demonstrated her ability to compete with Meiko.

Jinny aligns herself with Joseph Conners

Jinny had several excellent tag team battles with Piper Niven, Jack Starz, and the counterculture faction. She and Joseph already looked down on everyone and had no problem telling people when they didn’t size up. So this was a match made in fashionista heaven. I think that both competitors had great chemistry and showed off what the mixed tag matches in NXT UK could look like. Jinny and Joseph were brilliant in bringing in the infamous and unique issue of classism that runs all throughout England and turning their noses up at opponents that they felt were inferior. Though they aren’t paired together anymore, the time that they had together was a highlight in Jinny’s run so far.

Jinny and Jazzy Gabert’s partnership

This partnership began on May 15, 2019, when Jazzy Gabert debuted. The two attacked Xia Brookside’s and Killer Kelly’s match. Jazzy was the enforcer, the insurance policy that would guarantee that Jinny would not have to lift a finger. Their tag team matches were very impressive and showed off their budding women’s roster each week in the early stages of the division with women like Rhea Ripley and Piper Niven. Jazzy’s dominance didn’t take away from Jinny’s presence. It actually solidified Jinny’s talent for persuasion. How she can get people to do whatever she wanted. She was the lady with an attack dog amongst a sea of less resourceful little girls.

Jinny and Xia Brookside’s feud

This was a feud that probably set up Xia as a babyface and really allowed Jinny to play off of Xia’s moral compass. The crowd truly loved getting behind her and this allowed Jinny to really get into her mind of Xia. Xia had to not only face Jinny and not let the mind games get to her, but she had to get over the mountain that was Jazzy and many times had to take a heck of a beating. Xia never gave up and honestly, I believe that Xia has been the best opponent that Jinny has had in NXT UK that really showed off Jinny’s skills as a heel.

Jinny and Piper Niven Feud

Toward the end of the Falls Count anywhere match between Kay Lee Ray and Piper Niven, Jinny decided to plug herself into the match and hit Niven with a chair which caused her to lose the match. After she attacked Niven, she even joked that she hoped that Niven was watching her on NXT UK from the hospital. Jinny’s Championship ambition caused her to make an enemy with Niven. These women had a series of matches and even brought in other partners to take their aggression out on each other. This feud became personal and with the NXT UK women’s title out of the question, it was a free for all for them to tear each other apart. These two have such great chemistry and the constant berating of Niven, from Jinny, only made the fans want to see Piper take it to her.

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