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Top 5 Moments: Kay Lee Ray

Kay Lee Ray is the Scottish-born wrestler who took NXT UK by storm when she debuted in March 2019. In four months, she became the NXT UK Women’s champion and currently holds the record for the longest title reign. It only makes sense that her moments in NXT UK are highly regarded and reviewed in this top five list. #5 War Games 2020

Kay Lee Ray was coming into this match as a champ and someone worthy of being on one of the women’s war games teams. However, US crowds can sometimes underestimate wrestlers that aren’t on the main roster. So I’m sure that Kay Lee Ray knew that she would have to prove herself. Ray took some brutal shots, but the fiery redhead dished them out as well. Her role, along with the other women on her team, proved that this no holds barred match is one that the women could handle and have the battle of the night in the eyes of the fans. This match solidified that Ray would eventually move on to NXT in the states.

#4 Kay Lee Ray vs. Meiko Satomura June 2021

Up until this point, Kay Lee Ray was knocking out the competition. She was on top of the mountain and never thought that she would come down. When WWE finally signed Meiko Satomura, and it was announced, you knew that the women of NXT UK were going to get a run for their money. Kay Lee Ray knew that having a legend like Satomura on the roster would lead to a title match between the two. There was so much on the line. Honestly, neither woman could afford to lose. Satomura needed to solidify her pedigree and legacy on this roster, and Ray needed to make sure that no one could just come in and push her off of the mountaintop. Even if it was a wrestler that has been main eventing for over 30 years, I think this match was crucial in Ray’s career thus far because Meiko gave her seal of approval that Ray was worthy of that championship. Ray’s send-off to go to NXT in the states, have a bigger platform and reach more fans. #3 Kay Lee Ray vs. Toni Storm-NXT UK Takeover Cardiff August 2019

Ray won the NXT UK Women’s championship. Such a crucial time for Ray because she was showing the NXT UK fans that she would be at the top of the women’s division. Everyone who watched her work in promotions like ProWrestling Eve or ICW knew this, but the many fans across the globe that tuned in to the WWE Network needed to understand why she was indeed the scary queen of Scots. #2 Toni Storm vs. Kay Lee Ray “I Quit match” February 2020

This I quit match was crucial to Ray’s time as a champion because it helped build up the thought that no one could survive a match with her. They would come close, but Ray was always a bit more brutal. A bit more psychotic. A bit more crafty than they were. She is a true predator who loves to rip apart her prey, which was the most visible in this match. #1 Kay Lee Ray vs. Piper Niven

This was the most thought-out and executed feud for Ray, in my opinion. Fans of Kay Lee Ray and Piper Niven were already aware of what both women could do in the ring together. They have competed in hardcore street fights, steel cage matches, your name in Pro Wrestling EVE and ICW. Piper came to the aid of Toni Storm during her I-Quit match with Ray, which immediately put a target on the back of Niven. Niven wasn’t shaking in her boots, though, and she welcomed the moment to slap the arrogant Lee straight in the mouth for thinking that no one would challenge her. During these matches, you see Niven pushing harder, but Ray somehow consistently got the win. Their feud showed that you need a nasty, rule-breaking heel like Kay Lee Ray for every babyface. Kay Lee Ray had a hell of a run as the NXT UK women’s champion. She was holding the title for a whopping 650 days. More success is to follow her; she tests the waters in NXT 2.0. Which airs on Tuesdays at 8 pm in the USA.


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