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Top 5 Moments: Serena Deeb

Serena Deeb has had a career that has spanned several promotions and climates in the industry. She had been in factions, retired from wrestling, returned during the women’s revolution and evolved into a in ring general. With Serena’s achievements, it’s easy to look back over her career and pick out her Top 5 moments.

Serena Deeb Mae Young Classic July 2017

Deeb has been enjoying life since leaving the WWE in late 2011. He travels the globe teaching Yoga and wrestling. As a result, I’m sure she was excited when WWE invited her to participate in the Mae Young competition. A chance to prove how much the company’s female culture has evolved since she left. Serena had an awesome showcase going against women like Piper Niven and Vanessa Borne. This led to Deeb becoming a coach for the Performance center for a few years. This moment was a new chapter for Serena that showed her undying love for the sport.

CM Punk shaved Serena’s head on January 22, 2010

It was as though CM Punk had created a self-imposed cult leader who felt he could recruit everyone. He would famously walk around ringside to see who was willing to worship him. One night, Serena was that willing participant. Serena runs to the ring and practically tramples CM Punk. She is almost escorted out of the building by security.

As Serena pleads with Punk and says that she needs him, Punk is compelled to bring her into the ring. Serena’s story excited Punk because he knew he could help her if she agreed to join the Straight Edge Society. Serena’s excitement and delight upon shaving her head showed she was entirely dedicated to adopting CM Punk as her savior. In a recent interview, Serena revealed that it was so cool to be one of the few women to get her head shaved on TV. Especially on her debut. This set the tone that she wasn’t a diva and she came to be an equal to the guys in the locker room.

Serena Retains the NWA women’s title on November 18, 2020

During the pandemic, NWA was in a weird position. Their whole set up was made for a weekly studio show and without fans, it would’ve been a bit awkward. So NWA had to be clever and they started to work with AEW to have their womens champion, Thunder Rosa represent the brand. Thunder Rosa was so successful at this, that she had top level competitors that wanted a shot for the title. Serena Deeb was no different. With Britt Baker on Thunder Rosa’s back and even interfering in the match, and AEW becoming quite eager to hire Rosa, it made sense for Deeb to become the new NWA women’s champ. In a non televised event, Serena became the NWA women’s champion.

However, the match for her to retain the title to me was very important. Serena had to show that retaining the title was just as important as capturing it. In an arena that only held a capacity of maybe 20 people, these women fought passionately and were determined to make sure that NWA was represented well. The win for Serena was a bit overshadowed by Thunder Rosa and Britt Baker throwing blows to each other at ringside, but it was still an important moment for Serena in her career. She is the type of wrestler that should carry on the legacy of the NWA women’s title and she did that during such an uncertain time in the world.

The Professor’s 5-minute Rookie Challenge

After Serena started to prove that she was a worker that could put on five-star matches and fans started to sing her praises, Serena brought out a cockier part of her personality and thought that no one on the AEW roster can outwork her, so maybe she should have an open challenge to rookies, to see if they could last five minutes with the self-proclaimed Professor. This has established her as the barrier that all newcomers have to cross and as a working veteran in the company that can run circles around her competition.

Shida vs Deeb feud

To date, this is one of Serena’s best feuds in my opinion. I feel with all of the Joshi wrestlers that were brought in, Shida has the strongest connections with the fans because of this feud and her great ability to tell a story in the ring. Serena is a natural in ring general. So when these two collide, it is pure magic. Many female fans were excited about the TBS Tournament, so when this match captured the attention of the fans in such a way, it gave the fans hope that the division was reaching a good place.

This match had the fans locked in and standing and chanting the entire time. When Serena didn’t win, she completely lost all honor and used a steel chair to take it Shida’s leg. The constant sound of the bell and several refs coming out didn’t stop Deeb’s assault. Shida has recently returned to the company and this feud is still piping hot. I believe that this rivalry could be the greatest of Deeb’s career because of how both women draw the fans in every single time.


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