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Top 5 Moments! -Thunder Rosa

Screenshot of Thunder Rosa with her many championships.

Thunder Rosa made her wrestling debut in 2014 wrestling in several companies and promotions such as NWA, Impact, Lucha Underground, Stardom, and AEW. Since her debut, Thunder Rosa has shown time and time again why she is one of the best women wrestlers around.

She has had many accomplishments both inside and outside of the ring over the years. I wanted to give my top 5 moments that stood out to me as a viewer and a fan.

Screenshot of Thunder Rosa VS. Britt Baker

#5 Thunder Rosa VS. Britt Baker in the Unsanctioned Lights Out Match

Thunder Rosa and Britt Baker participated in the Unsanctioned Lights Out match. This match showcased hardcore-style wrestling. While many focused on the images of Britt bleeding, I saw how both ladies told a great story. Thunder Rosa’s skillset was shown throughout the match, making her my favorite to win this match. Thunder Rosa was indeed victorious. This match was also the first women’s main event in AEW Dynamite.

Screenshot of Thunder Rosa’s AEW Appearance

#4 Thunder Rosa and her surprise debut on AEW

On August 22, 2020, Thunder Rosa made a surprise appearance on AEW Dynamite. She challenged Hiraku Shida to a championship match at AEW, All Out.

Thunder Rosa made her challenge via a vignette. This moment marked the first time a champion from another wrestling promotion came to AEW and competed.

#3 Thunder Rosa vs. Hiraku Shida (All Out 2020) –AEW World Women’s Championship

AEW’s women’s division has been the subject of much criticism. On August 22, 2020, Thunder Rosa made her challenge against Shida for the championship. This match was both technical and physical, showcasing both women’s unique styles.

Thunder Rosa came into this match and proved to the world why she was one of the best women wrestlers out there. She delivered a beating to Shida, but ultimately she lost the match. She did this as the NWA World Women’s Champion and showed just how well she could work with other women around the world.

Screenshot of Thunder Rosa and Mission Pro

#2 Thunder Rosa and Mission Pro Wrestling

Thunder Rosa started Mission Pro Wrestling in 2019 based out in Texas. Mission Pro is an all-women wrestling promotion. With the help of the Female Fighting Phenom, Jazz, Thunder Rosa is teaching, training, and allowing other women wrestlers to have the opportunity to shine. Many of the women from Mission Pro have been in AEW matches such as Vertvixen, Madi Wrenkowski, Red Velvet, and Big Swole.

There aren’t many women-only wrestling promotions. Mission Pro helps elevate the game for other women in the wrestling industry. It also helps address the lack of women’s matches we have seen over the years.

Screenshot of Thunder Rosa winning the International Princess Championship.

Before I get to my number #1, I wanted to give an honorable mention to Thunder Rosa for winning the International Princess Championship. On January 5, 2020, Thunder Rosa appeared on Tokyo Joshi Pro Wrestling to have a match against Maki Itoh. She was victorious, becoming the first non-Japanese wrestler in Tokyo Joshi History to win this title.

Screenshot of Thunder Rosa winning the NWA World Women’s Championship.

#1 Thunder Rosa Becomes NWA Women’s Champion!

Ever since her NWA debut on October 29, 2019, Thunder Rosa was a force to be reckoned with. She had feuds with Ashley Vox and Allysin Kay. Thunder Rosa continued to make a name for herself in NWA. Thunder Rosa will get her shot at the NWA World Women’s Championship by going against Allysin Kay at NWA Hard Times. She defeated Allysin Kay, becoming the new NWA World Women’s Champion. Thunder Rosa was the first Mexican-born wrestler to win the title.

Thunder Rosa has already paved a path with so much greatness, and I can’t wait to see what she does next.

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