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Top 5: Victoria

“She’s not the lady to mess with.” Victoria, better known as Tara in Impact, is one of today’s most iconic sports entertainers. Victoria would appear as one of The Godfather’s “hos” in her WWF debut. She was the “chief ho” of the “Save the Hos” campaign. On August 7’s Raw, The Godfather’s new incarnation, The Goodfather, power blasted Varon through a table. Victoria was one of the few WWE veterans willing to work with younger ladies and make them seem good. Victoria would depart WWE in 2008 to join TNA as “Tara” and work with a new division of women, bringing attention to the one thing that mattered to her at the time, Women’s Wrestling. Here are my top 5 moments from her career.

5. Tara Vs. Mickie James – Final Resolution 2010

Tara (formerly Victoria) was fired from the WWE in early 2009, supposedly due to Mickie James’ actions (at least according to Tara during her feud with James). In early 2010, these ladies would find themselves in a Falls Count Anywhere battle. Many episodes of Impact showed these two girls fighting in the backstage area, rekindling their alleged feud. They were so out of control that at Final Resolution 2010, Tara and James fought in a Fall Count Anywhere match, which Tara won because to her relationship with Madison Rayne at the moment, and James was knocked out. These ladies would fight all across the arena, proving the TNA Knockouts could win. Madison would use a fire extinguisher to kill James’ hopes of beating Tara, costing him the victory.

4. Victoria Vs. Molly Holly – Wrestlemania XX (20)

Victoria would get her moment on the grandest stage of them all. At WrestleMania 20 in Madison Square Garden, the Women’s Championship was on the line in a Hair vs. Title match. Challenger and former champion Molly Holly put her hair on the line to prove she could beat Victoria. Surprisingly, Molly Holly pitched the match as she was desperate to appear at WrestleMania. However, the match would be placed 9th on the card out of twelve matches. Victoria walked in as the champion and managed to defeat Molly Holly using a backslide. The match was given almost five minutes, but it delivered on all fronts. Victoria and Molly Holly showcased their talents, with the WWE Universe on the edge of their seats to see the outcome.

3. Victoria vs Lita – 1st ever women’s steel cage match – Raw 11/24/2003

History was made on the November 24, 2003, episode of RAW when Victoria battled Lita on a special edition episode. It was a special night as the Raw Roulette wheel was in town, and the wheel landed on a Steel Cage match stipulation for the ladies. This was the first-ever women’s Steel Cage match in WWE. It was full of brutality and high-risk moves from the top of the Cage. Victoria and Lita were the perfect superstars to compete in such a match. However, gave it all and proved that WWE women are no less than men and should be treated fairly and equally.

2. Victoria Debuts in TNA – May 24th, 2009

On May 24, 2009, Total Nonstop Action Wrestling (TNA) confirmed that Varon had signed a contract with the company. On May 28, 2009, she debuted TNA Impact! under Tara’s ring name, later revealed to be short for “Tarantula.” She made her intentions known by attacking The Beautiful People (Angelina Love, Velvet Sky, and Madison Rayne) after Love’s match with Sojourner Bolt, establishing herself as a fan favorite. During her run with TNA, Tara would help elevate that women’s division and help it gain eyes as Tna would soon introduce tag titles for the women.

  1. Victoria Returns – Royal Rumble 2021

During Royal Rumble in 2021, women from the past, present, and future would all compete for a chance at a women’s championship match at Wrestlemania 37. This was the first live event with fans in over a year in a half due to Covid-19. When number 10 hit, we didn’t know what was in store as “I’m not the lady to mess with” would begin playing, and Victoria would make her long-awaited return to a WWE ring in 12 years. Victoria would put on a good showing proving that she could still hang in the ring with the women today. She would, unfortunately, be eliminated 5th by Shayna Baszler. Later that year, the WWE Network included her in a list of top 50 female performers in the company’s history.


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