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Top Five Moments of Francine

The Queen of Extreme, Miss Montgomeryville herself, Francine made her ECW debut in 1994, in a house show portraying a beauty contest winner who was choke-slammed by wrestler 911 on her first night. This premiere gives us a taste of what Francine’s future holds. Let’s look at the career of a woman who endured so much in the ring and managed renowned wrestlers throughout her time in the land of extremes.

5. Francine made her debut in WWE 2006

Francine was summoned when WWE chose to bring back ECW on the SYFI Network in 2006, and the original fans were overjoyed to see her featured in this rebirth. It adds to the credibility of ECW’s return to business. Ariel and Francine had great chemistry and might have had a fun feud if it had continued longer. Sure, the new ECW eventually devolved into a train catastrophe, but for that one night when Francine made her debut, it was a full-circle moment. Especially given how long WWE has wanted to recruit her.

4. Francine and Dawn Marie feud

In real life, these two were aloof, but the connection in the ECW ring was undeniable. Francine had to inform Dawn Marie that when she came to ECW, she would have to bow to the Queen. Dawn tried to preserve the peace, but Francine insisted that she was the only woman in the firm who cared. Dawn Marie soon erupted and vented her rage on Francine. This sparked a feud that lasted long after ECW folded in 2001.

3. Francine getting attacked by the Eliminators

Francine was a passionate manager who would go to great lengths to ensure her clients’ success. Francine, on the other hand, had to take one for the team when she was put at risk and received Total Elimination from the opposing tag team, The Eliminators, on one terrible night. This finish was tough to accept even among the male wrestlers of the day. Francine’s acceptance of this hammering contributed to her reputation as the queen of the extreme.

2. Francine and Beulah McGillicutty’s feud

Beginning with the pairing of Stevie Richard and Francine in 1995, there was definitely some envy because Beulah was no longer being drooled over by both Raven and Stevie. Francine was soon turning into eye candy for the spectators. This feud included multiple cat fights, which culminated in Stevie turning on Francine because of Raven and Beulah’s overwhelming influence. This conflict raged on and off for three years until Beulah quit the organization. During this time, Francine and Beulah were as popular as the company’s male stars and helped to build the other up. You can’t talk about either woman without mentioning the other. That’s how entwined their wrestling stories are.

1. Francine’s first heel turn and table bump- ECW Heatwave 1996

Francine’s personality shifted dramatically once she joined The Pitbulls tag team. Her dominatrix character, complete with leather clothes, thigh-high heels, and long hair, was a stunning image. It was fascinating to watch her shed the shy mentality she had with Stevie Richard and become tough enough to stand toe-to-toe with such an aggressive crew. Especially if you’re a female wrestling fan who wants to see women in the sport be as harsh as men. There was chemistry between them. So, while I was watching the Heatwave PPV and witnessing Francine’s grave treachery, not just turning, but also joining forces with Shane Douglas, it was extremely surprising.

Shane Douglas was, without a doubt, one of the greatest heels in the business at the time. Shane spit on everything he thought the fans were attached to. Just to slap them in the face. Francine was a fan favorite, and the audience couldn’t wait to see her walk down the ramp. She was now a genuine heel as a result of her transformation. Francine had a huge surprise one night, showing her bikini bottoms with the word ‘Franchise’ on them (which was Shane Douglas’s nickname).

Francine, on the other hand, didn’t exit the arena without first walking through a table. The Pitbulls were not going to let her escape so easily. Francine’s table bump demonstrated that she had what it takes to effectively handle such a demanding position. From 1996 until 1999, Francine managed The ‘franchise Shane Douglas. To me, it was one of the finest wrestler/manager combinations in wrestling history. Francine’s feminine, sensual, taunting energy and Shane Douglas’s pompous, macho, aggressive, and smarter than the rest attitude complimented each other nicely. With Francine’s assistance, Shane Douglas became a two-time ECW champion. On this night, Francine took over as the top cheerleader.

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