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Trinity Fatu Shares How Mercedes Monè Inspired Her During WWE Departure

Updated: Aug 2, 2023

Trinity Fatu FKA Naomi opened up about her friendship with her tag team partner Mercedes Monè following their WWE departure as they were walking out on a WWE RAW taping in May of last year.

They initially were stripped of the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship and suspended; neither Trinity or Mercedes returned to WWE programming as both were jumping ship to different companies. Mercedes made her NJPW in January and Trinity brought the glow to Impact Wrestling in April of this year.

In an interview with Sherri Shepherd, Trinity noted that Mercedes Monè helped her to transition to life after WWE.

Fatu commented on the bond she had with “The CEO” saying:

“It’s very difficult sometimes to get out of your comfort zone. And she and I kind of experienced that together, just the unknown, but having her to confide in, especially those times where it really did get hard. That’s my sister for life. Our relationship goes beyond wrestling. We always had, I think, a great special connection. Just being together in the business over the years, working together, experiencing things together, even real-life stuff, family, we just experienced so much together. And I think it’s very special when you find people like that in the business where it goes beyond the work to that.”

Then Fatu acknowledged Monè by saying “Yeah, I love her. She’s the goat, the greatest of all time.”

Monè recently had an injury from her match with Willow Nightingale at NJPW Resurgence for the NJPW Strong women’s championship. An update on the injury has emerged on Monè’s talks with AEW prior to her injury. Trinity is in a feud with Giselle Shaw after her Impact debut.


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