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Trish Stratus Comments On Future Match With Sasha Banks

Trish Stratus says she isn’t giving up on a dream match with Sasha Banks. Both ladies have stated their desire to fight in the near future.

“I’ve heard that I’m running from her which is absolutely untrue,” Stratus told ET Canada “I mean, at one point she had done this promo that I’m not ready and I posted a picture of my six-pack and I said, ‘I am ready, girl’. Yeah, listen, she’s, and you know, it’s like these little moments, right? So she and I had maybe a five-minute moment in the – 2018, like so many years ago now, Royal Rumble. And to this day, people like, ‘That’s the match we want to see.’

“They just, sometimes you just have this energy that’s palpable and you just have this, you know, it’s like when Lita and I faced off. Ooh, they felt that. When Rock and (Steve) Austin faced off, people felt that. So when Sasha and I faced off, I mean, I felt it too, you know, and it was a good moment. So will follow up on it? I mean, if there’s an opportunity, perhaps.”

Stratus also took a moment to respond to a comment made by Banks on WWE THE BUMP. “I’m waiting for Trish,” Banks said last October. “It’s all on her. I feel like she’s been dodging me. She’s not answering my calls. I’m all game. I am all ready. I’m always ready. I stay ready. So whenever Trish is ready for me, she knows where to find me.” with Stratus responding “The one thing I can say, like, at the end of my career, and why it was one of those, I felt like I could move on, was because I had really, I had worked with everyone that was available at the time, right?”

Stratus explained. “There was Jazz, there was Molly Holly, there was Victoria, there was Mickie James, Lita. You know, we – that’s, there were slim pickings at the time as well you could say, right? So I really worked with every single woman at the time that was available and that’s, you know, when it was time to move on, I was like, ‘what else can I do? I’ve worked with everyone here.’

If these two ladies ever set foot in the ring together, it’ll give the WWE Universe something to talk about.

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