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Two Women’s Matches Set For NXT Stand & Deliver

Roxanne Perez was not cleared for Stand & Deliver; Shawn Michaels declared this on his Twitter account before NXT began. As a result, a ladder match would be held to decide a new champion. So far, two women have earned spots in the match on the NXT March 14 episode. Gigi Dolin and Zoey Stark.

Stark and Sol Ruca would square off in the opening match. The match was evenly paced by both women. Ruca performed a moonsault on Stark in the closing seconds, landing on her feet. Once they were back in the ring, Stark caught Ruca in a Belly-to-Back GTS for the pin and the victory.

The second match pitted Gigi Dolin against Kiana James. In a backstage interview before this match, Jacy Jayne revealed that she was wearing a sling on her injured arm. During her match at Roadblock against Dolin, her shoulder dislocated.

Prior to being attacked by Alba Fyre & Isla Dawn, who won the top contender spot for the James/Fallon Henley tag team titles at Stand & Deliver, Dolin would defeat James.

Fyre & Dawn triumphed in a number one contender match. In addition to Katana Chance and Kayden Carter, the match also featured Ivy Nile and Tatum Paxley. The match ended when Nile attempted to tag in, and Paxley refused.

Paxley jumped off the ring platform and turned on her tag team partner, claiming that they had never been a team. In the middle of the match, Tatum would attack her outside the ring. For weeks, Fyre and Dawn have been putting distance between Nile and Paxley by claiming that Paxley is never a part of the Diamond Mine group. They succeeded in entering Paxley’s mind. Nile was defeated by Fyre after being pinned.

Now that one team appears to have disbanded, Fyre & Dawn will switch to the champions, a team that can’t get along. After some detective work by Henley and Josh Briggs, we learn that Sebastian was the sender of the roses to James. Based on her daily planner, James has been eating meals with this person as well.

James competed in a qualifying match later that evening for the NXT Women’s Title Ladder Match at Stand & Deliver. After losing to Gigi Dolin, Fyre & Dawn attacked her. Jensen stepped outside to assist her without Henley in sight. Henley and Briggs arrived shortly after, puzzled as to why they kept receiving calls.


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