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UPDATE | The Doctor’s Injury

Due to a sudden injury update, Dr. Britt Baker DMD was pulled from last night’s match. In addition, the match continues between Ruby Soho and Toni Storm. To no surprise, we see a surprise appearance from Baker during the match.

Here’s a brief update according to Dave Meltzer:

“Britt had an injury. The way it was described to me, and I don’t know what the injury was, is that she is not hurt badly and she possibly could have wrestled, but it would have been a bad idea for her to wrestle.”

He claims that the injury is not serious. In addition, he states that we should see Baker back in action soon.

Last night, Baker appears and it seems she helps Ruby Soho gain the victory over Toni Storm.

Here at Women’s Wrestling, we send our best regards to Dr. Britt Baker DMD. We hope you have a speedy recovery and see you back in the ring soon.

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