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Who Can Defeat Jade Cargill?

Jade Cargill continued her undefeated streak this past Friday night on Rampage when she defeated Diamante (with Trina in her corner) to become an impressive 39-0. Jade has wreaked havoc in the AEW women’s division ever since her debut in 2020. She had her first match in March of 2021 when she teamed with Shaquille O’Neal to face Cody Rhodes and Red Velvet and gained her first victory. Since then, she has been undefeated in a mix of singles matches, tag team matches, and trios matches.

The only arguable “loss” she’s had was in a Casino Battle Royal at All Out 2021 when Ruby Soho was victorious. She became the inaugural TBS Champion and has held that championship since January 5th. She has defended the title 11 times as of this writing and has been successful each time. She is a dominant force and having the Baddies in her corner has also helped with her undefeated streak. So, my question is who will finally defeat Jade to become the TBS Champion? I have come up with a list of five individuals that I think could possibly end Jade’s undefeated streak. Who do you think will be the next TBS Champion?

Toni Storm

The current AEW Women’s Champion, Toni Storm, is somebody that has yet to face Jade. Although I don’t agree with combining the championships, I think Toni Storm would be a great match for Jade. Both women are extremely tough and I think there would be genuine uncertainty as to who would win the match. Maybe if Toni Storm happens to lose the AEW Women’s Championship in the near future, we could find her challenging Jade for the TBS Championship and it would definitely be a match that fans would not want to miss.

Serena Deeb

Another woman that Jade has yet to face on the AEW Women’s roster is Serena Deeb. Serena, a veteran and one of AEW’s most technical wrestlers, would challenge Jade. The Serenity Lock is a devastating submission and I have no question in my mind that Deeb would be able to have Jade tap into it and become the new TBS Champion. There also would be a great tale to tell since Serena has been in the wrestling scene for such a long time and Jade is still very new to the business. Serena would have an answer for Jade’s offense after watching her matches, and it would be a fun match to watch.

Deonna Purrazzo

Although not on the AEW women’s roster, I’ve included Ring of Honor and/or Impact women because the companies share and borrow talent. Jade’s best opponent would be Deonna Purazzo, a former Ring of Honor Women’s Champion and current Impact Knockouts Tag Team Champion with Chelsea Green. Deonna has wrestled (and defeated) some of the world’s top wrestlers.

Deonna never holds anything back in her matches and that is why she could be the one to dethrone Jade as TBS Champion. Deonna has competed on AEW in the past when she defended and lost her ROH Women’s Championship to Mercedes Martinez. If she’s willing, Deonna could absolutely have a great title match against Jade for the TBS Championship with the extra added interest being Deonna possibly taking the title to Impact with her. 

Tasha Steelz

Tasha Steelz is yet another member of the Impact Knockouts division that I would love to see cross over into AEW. Tasha has the attitude and the charisma to easily match Jade and has quite the list of accolades herself. She is a former Knockouts Champion and a two-time former Knockouts Tag Team Champion. An interesting part about this match would be the fact that Tasha won the Knockouts Tag Team Championship both times with her former partner Keira Hogan.

As we know, Keira Hogan is now one of Jade’s Baddies. It would be interesting to see if Keira Hogan decides to turn on her former tag team partner, Tasha, and join forces with Jade instead. I’m sure the TBS Championship would look great with Tasha and she’d continue to bring the attitude that Jade has brought to the title.

Jordynne Grace

The current Knockouts Champion, Jordynne Grace, is quite possibly my favorite hypothetical opponent for Jade from my list. Both women are successful bodybuilders and are known for their strength and physique. A match between Jordynne and Jade would be probably the most “even” match that Jade has had since her debut. Jordynne has proved that she can hang with the best of the best and has won numerous championships throughout her career. She even competed in intergender matches in Impact, including when she was the first-ever Impact Digital Media Champion. It would be Jade’s toughest competition yet and I truly think Jordynne would realistically be the first person to defeat Jade and become TBS Champion.

Of course, all of these options are hypothetical with many of the women not even being a part of AEW’s roster. However, I think for a single match or even with some talent deals, these are matchups that many people would like to see happen. I suppose someone outside of AEW or a surprise arrival will have to dethrone Jade as champion since she debuted. She has beaten almost everybody on the roster already, so really, who is left for Jade?


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