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Who Will Go to the Finals? Plus A New Debut |WOW Aftershow |11.7.22

The Tag Team tournament turns up the heat on the way to the Finals! Lindsay and Laurie put their twin magic to good use against the fabulous duo of Adriana Gambino and Gigi Gianni! We also get some more tag action with Randi Rah Rah and Coach Campanelli vs. Jessie Jones and The Disciplinarian! We also get an introduction to the newest Superhero Wrecking Ball! Get into it with WWT hosts Stephanie Hardy (@QueenStephHardy), Katrina Blake (@InKatW3Trust) and Emily Mae Heller (@emilymaeheller) on the WOW Superheroes Aftershow!

Hosts: Stephanie Hardy (

Katrina Blake (

Emily Mae Heller (


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