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Will Io Shirai, Zoey Stark & Raquel Gonzalez Retain, Or Will There Be New Champions?

Updated: Aug 2, 2023

Halloween Havoc will take place tonight on NXT 2.0, and two huge matches are featuring the women’s championships. With this event returning to the ‘Spin the Wheel, Make the Deal’ side, a stipulation contingent on the spin of a wheel will be included in these matches. Toxic Attraction could do a clean sweep at Halloween Havoc, beginning with the tag team championship.

However, Indi Hartwell could become the first woman to carry the tag titles twice. Before the show aires on USA Network, our EIC Driune and I shared our predictions for each match below.

Credit: WWE

They started with the NXT Women’s Tag Team Championships Io Shirai & Zoey Stark, which will be defended against Toxic Attraction and Indi Hartwell & Persia Pirotta in a Triple Threat Match. The champions will put their title on the line in a Scareway to Hell Ladder Match after Shirai won the right to spin the wheel in a triple threat match against Perisa Pirotta and Jacy Jayne.

The match ended one-on-one after Jayne had a terrifying suicide dive that caused her to be taken to the back. The medical team ran a test on Jayne, but it was revealed that she did not suffer any severe injuries or concussions. Jayne confirmed on Twitter that she would still be a part of the upcoming match tonight.

Nickie: Io Shirai & Zoey Stark

The reasoning behind my prediction is the dominance we see between these two. This is one team we see with unmatched ability in the ring. Respect is more important than liking one another, which keeps this team pushing on to victory. The women’s tag team division continues to give the fans many questions about its direction. Having these women kept is the best decision for the division moving forward.

Driune: Toxic Attraction

Toxic Attraction’s build-up has been quite refreshing to see on NXT 2.0. It would be crazy for them to not win tonight. I believe they could take the titles off of Shirai and Stark and continue to grow as a dominant faction. Plus, I think it’s time for Io Shirai to take her talents to the main roster.

Credit: WWE

The second women’s match of the night will be Raquel Gonzalez and Mandy Rose for the NXT Women’s Championship. Gonzalez has held the title since she defeated Io Shirai this past April. Rose has had her eyes on the gold since returning to NXT two months ago. The only looming part of this match is that we do not know what the stipulation could be.

Although the wheel has not been spun, Gonzalez has defeated some huge names since winning the title. Mercedes Martinez, Ember Moon, Xia Li, Dakota Kai, and recently Franky Monet have all lost their chances of holding the women’s championship. This now put Gonzalez over a 200-day reign as champion and still working to keep her title.

As for Mandy Rose, she is more focused than ever to win her first title in WWE. There have been moments in the past where she has come close to winning, such as the WWE Women’s Tag Team champions with Sonya Deville and Dana Brooke. However, she could not secure the gold either way. Could this be her time?

Nickie: Raquel Gonzalez

The Run of Raquel as champion has its difficulties. The one thing that stays: Raquel Gonzalez is the most dominating woman of NXT at this very moment. Taking the title away from her at this exact moment may hurt the division more than help. Even with the rebranding, NXT 2.0 still needs a dominating figure as champion to progress the division even more. I would like to see her defend one more time against one of her most formidable opponents, Franky Monet.

Driune: Mandy Rose

Since Mandy Rose made her return to NXT with a new attitude and new look, her eyes have been set on taking Raquel Gonzalez’s NXT Women’s title. She has defeated an NXT vet like Ember Moon and made her presence known by attacking Gonzalez after her title defense against Franky Monet. I believe that the leader of Toxic Attraction could be a threat to the women’s division on NXT. However, a mystery person is lingering around the locker rooms, which could be Dakota Kai.

NXT’s Halloween Havoc premieres tonight on USA Network 8/7c. Check back here after the show to see whose predictions were correct.

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