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WOW’s Miami Sweet Heat shares The Secret to Winning

Women’s Wrestling Talk host, Emily Mae sits down with the Carlson Twins of WOW’s Miami Sweat Heat about their start in independent wrestling, working with Jeanie Buss and AJ Mendez, paving the way for women in wrestling, and dominating the WOW tag team division as 2X WOW World Tag Team champion.

The importance of teaming up with Lana Star as the Fab 4

“So, Laura and I have always been huge fans of Lana Star as she’s a wild legend. And you know, we were going out for one of our matches, and our fan was like, oh, the original Lana Star so when she actually found us in Miami, we’re at the beach and she scouted us and was like these girls are made for you know, TV stars. Let me let me get them to be a part of my group… We know each other’s strengths and weaknesses. And we’ve been able to just become more powerful as a team and I think with you know, we have the world champion. Penelope Pink, we have the powerhouse Vickie Lynn McCoy, and we have Lana Star, I just. don’t think anybody can beat us, we’re on top in the world and I don’t see a top competitor that’ll take us out.”

How WOW has changed the landscape of women in wrestling

“Being in an organization ran by Jeanie Buss are huge, you know, opinions of Jeanie Buss and would fall on her for a long time. And she’s just the nicest woman and she has goals for women, you know that we can be the boss. And her giving us this platform. It means the world for us to be able to showcase what we do and give, you know all these women, more opportunities. I mean, I mean, we came out when we first started in the independent scene and then COVID hit. So then there was nothing going on. And we were wrestling in the garage. So then, you know, flash back here three years later, and you know, you come out and you know, you know, my granddad can watch me on TV….”

And then again, like you were saying these, AJ… and the women that are paid to pave the way for women’s wrestling. Just, they, we thank them so much. And I think we need to always honor our past and the women that came before us because they were the ones that really paved the way.”

Why Miami Sweet Heat is the tag team to dominate WOW and beyond

“Being a twin, you have a, like you said that special bond and that you anybody that messes with her, it serves a fire in me and there, you can’t compare that fire with family. That’s blood. We also know what each other kind of thinking. So, we have our strategies, I could look at her and we know what each other’s doing, we know each other’s strengths and weaknesses. So well, that, you know, it’s easy to… And some of the things Laurie can do, I can’t do so we kind of play on our strengths and weaknesses, and we know them so well… we’re training together, we’re always you know, watching, you know, watching film, like learning together. So. And it’s hard to I mean, we live together. So, it’s hard for like another tag team to really compete with that.”

Check the interview below.


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