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Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month: Marti Belle

Former member of The Dollhouse, Former NWA Women’s Tag Team Champion, former WSU Spirit & Tag Team champion, Former Shine Tag Team Champion, & Women’s Wrestling Talk Member Marti Belle was born in New York on August 7, 1988. Moved from The Big Apple to La Romana, Dominican Republic when she was a baby. Seven years later, in 1995, she relocated back to NYC. She became fluent in English after two years when she was 9, yet she didn’t abandon Spanish.

Before she started wrestling, she played volleyball (three years varsity) and softball (two years varsity) in high school. Valeting began in 2008. Johnny Rodz trained Team 3D, Tommy Dreamer, Elektra, Prince Nana, and W. Morrisey fka Big Cass, Matt Striker, & Others thus becoming the first full Dominican female wrestler in the wrestling business.

Marti remarked in a 2018 podcast interview, “That’s another thing I’m proud of, I’m not. People told me, “Oh you’re Dominican, I can’t believe it, I thought you were black” and I said, “Well yes, but I’m Dominican” because they think “to be Latina you have to be white” and I was like, “Dore mamalita, that’s weird” I’m glad that brown folks, brown women, are starting to break through on television. She’s proud of being Afro-Latina in the wrestling business as she says on social media.

With Marti Belle in the wrestling business being the first full Dominican is groundbreaking and inspiring to the world of women’s professional wrestling, she would inspire more Afro-Latinas & Dominicans to be in the wrestling business.

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