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Imperius Regina: Dark Sheik

Dark Sheik. Two words with so much power. The presence she carries in wrestling is like no other.

The way the crowd absorbs her energy every time is the energy, we all need. You name them, she has faced them. From AJ Gray to Allie Katch and Effy, Dark Sheik is not the one to mess with inside the ring. No matter the challenger, she will always show up and show out.

Over 20 years of wrestling, she continues to dominate no matter the match, opponent, or promotion. She is a former DMW Champion and former PPW Golden State Champion. Her history and presence in GCW become important to all of the community. It displays the inclusion that GCW has along with their will to include everyone in wrestling.

Last year, the owner of Hoodslam returns to wrestling during her very own Pride month event, Fearless. This event is important to the progression people of the community see within the world of wrestling. During that time, she speaks to Outsports about the importance of her events and the meaning it has to the LGBTQ+ wrestling community.

“[Pride month] is a time when a lot of people are really finding the community, energy and love to express who they want to be. That takes a lot of guts and courage. The name Fearless, maybe you can argue it’s the presence of fear that makes it courageous and I accept that.”

She goes on to say, “I don’t want to tell anyone how to live their journey because it’s all valid and none of it is to be judged, but, for me, I want to be fearless. I don’t want to be afraid to be myself. Other people can’t handle who I am. That is more judgment on what they’re afraid of than what I am.”

As I attend my first GCW show, I hope to see and feel the presence of Dark Sheik. All hail the Persian Trans Iconoclast, the Mastermold and Motherbrain, and of course, The High Priestess of the Church of Wrestling.


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