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IYO SKY Delivers Attack to Women’s Championship Contenders

Smackdown Post-Show Review - August 11, 2023 Episode

SummerSlam opponents and long-time rivals Asuka and Charlotte Flair opened this episode of Friday Night Smackdown with nothing less of a competitive matchup with each competitor looking to regain momentum after their SummerSlam losses. Both women looked to gain the upper hand by unleashing a variety of moves ranging from aerial assaults to mat-based grapples and submissions.

As Flair looked to lock Asuka in her patented signature Figure 8 maneuver, the newly crowned WWE Women’s Champion IYO SKY came out alongside her Damage CTRL teammates to take a closer look at the matchup. It was not long, however, before IYO would interfere with a springboard double dropkick to Asuka and Charlotte to cause the disqualification finish.

As Bayley and IYO finish their post-match assault, Dakota Kai would ask the WWE Universe in attendance to give it up for their new champion and top woman of the blue brand.

Writer’s Thoughts: The match was fantastic with the time Charlotte and Asuka were given as these two competitors have undeniable chemistry whenever they step foot in the ring against each other. It is also refreshing to see IYO SKY at the top of her game with the WWE Women’s Championship. I also commend WWE for bringing back Dakota Kai for an on-screen role despite not being medically cleared as this gets her involved with Damage CTRL in some capacity. I do find it interesting that the former champion, Bianca Belair, was nowhere to be seen in this episode of Smackdown. Could they be saving a potential Bianca Belair and IYO SKY singles rematch for a later date?

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