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Let’s Celebrate AAPI Month: Some Faves from WOW Superheroes

Updated: Aug 8, 2023

There are some amazing Asian American and Pacific Islander women doing amazing things in wrestling and especially in WOW Superheroes. I wanted to spotlight a few of them.

1- Tiki Chamorro

Billionna Reyes aka Tiki Chamorro, is a wrestler from Guam who has been making quite a name for herself in WOW Superheroes. The name “Tiki” was inspired by her poi fire dancing background. The last name Chamorro means the people of Guam.

Tiki comes from a background in rugby. Her husband is Joedee Reyes, who is also a professional rugby player.

Tiki has taken her love of acting and rugby and brought it to wow showcasing her charm and skill.  Tiki was recently featured going for the WOW World title against Penelope Pink, a match that has shown just how much she was grown in WOW. She most certainly shows the world what she has to offer and is an inspiration for girls and women in Guam. 

“I hope to inspire young girls by showing and letting them know that you can be and do anything you want. That although you come from a small island, don’t be afraid to chase your dreams. Also that if they ever need advice or guidance reach out. I want to be the person that I needed when I watched TV and didn’t see anyone that looked like me. “

-Tiki on Guam Sports Network.

2- The Tonga Twins

The Tonga Twins are twin sisters Koaz and Kona from WOW Superheros. They are second-generation Tongans.

Both of them played basketball since the age of six. They also will continue playing basketball in college, which led to them being known as the biggest and baddest women on the court. This would stick with them as the twins are some of the baddest women in WOW Superheroes. Showcasing their twin connection with hard-hitting and tough matches.

I really became a fan of them once I first saw them and it was amplified once I saw them wrestle many of the tag teams during the tag team title tournament. While they didn’t win the championships overall because of shenanigans during the finals, I see them being champions in the future.

#3- Malia Hosaka

Malia was born in 1969 and trained by Killer Kowalski. She’s a native Hawaiian but also half-Japanese. She worked in many promotions.

Malia was in the NWA. Sadly, she only held the NWA World Women’s Championship for one day. She also wrestled in LPWA (Ladies Professional Wrestling Association), TNA, and in ECW, where she wrestled Sherri Martel.

Malia also wrestled in the Indies and at WCW, where she wrestled women like Madusa, Lelani Kai, and Akira Hokuto. She was the New Dimension Wrestling Women’s Champion twice.

On June 28, 1999, Malia made her WWE debut as a fan answering Ivory’s challenge for the WWF Women’s Championship. Unfortunately, she was released from the company within a year because there was nothing for her creatively.

She did retire in 2012 after 25 years but would make her return to WOW Superheroes.

In WOW, she’s the leader of Exile, with her trainees, Exodus and Genesis. Malia’s a vet in the wrestling business and still as badass as ever.

“I did. I did announce my retirement. I had a medical diagnosis where the doctor had told me I needed to not take any more bumps ever again in my life… I got a second opinion. I ended up getting back in and taking some shows here and there. The great thing is I’m back in on my own terms. It is not on a full-time basis, but it is going to be fun.”

-Malia, talking about her retirement and coming back. From- Wrestling Epicenter


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