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Living Dead Girl: Eris Spiral

Eris Spiral is a wrestler from the New Jersey area. She trained under Earl Cooter and Jack Gallow starting in 2014. Her debut was in 2015, but shortly after she was injured. Eris wouldn’t return fully to wrestling until 2018.

Before Eris was a wrestler, she did photography. She started at Six Flags in New Jersey. She worked during Fright Fest, more specifically the Dead Man’s Party is a “song and dance” style show. There is where she learned how to do action shots. She transitioned what she learned there to doing photography in wrestling. All of this was self-taught. This was done for 3 years before moving into being a wrestler.

Eris came out during Pride month in 2021. June 1st to be exact. She came out to her family as bisexual and was happy to be able to fully live in her truth. Eris has also stated that when she got to meet and chat with Nyla Rose, she was the reason she decided to publicly come out. She cited Nyla as the inspiration for that.

Eris stated that her husband was aware for some time, but she was scared of his reaction. She also panicked about going public with it, but once she did it, she was relieved.

Eris also made the QWI (Queer Wrestling Index 100) at 125. An accomplishment that made her feel quite happy and proud.

In December 2020, Eris won the Locked Target Wrestling Women’s Championship. She previously held the LTW 24/7 Champion as well. Eris has also wrestled with her husband Lawrence. They challenged for the Intergender Tag Team titles at LTW.

Some of the other titles, she held are the GTS Wrestling World Inter-Gender Championship and the AFCW Wrestling Women’s Championship.

Eris DDT which is called the Rayne Fall DDT. This DDT is inspired by Lita’s modified DDT. A woman she idolized just as much as I did. During an interview I had with her, Eris said she would love to step in the ring with Su Yung. She also credited Masha Slamovich as being a woman she enjoyed working with.

One of my favorite matches of Eris recently was her match with Sazzy Boatright and Ariela Nyx for Dropkick Depression. Eris is an advocate for taking care of your mental health. It was an entertaining match and had a good cause.

With many other interests outside of wrestling, such as video games and going to the theater, Eris is far from your average wrestler. She is unique and brings a lot to the table. Being the Queen of the Strange and Unusual makes her an intriguing character in the ring. If you don’t know who she is, you should most certainly check her work in the ring!


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