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Max The Impaler: The Non-Binary Nightmare

Hailing all the way from The Wasteland, Max The Impaler gives the vibes of a modern horror film. There is no denying the power and dominance they absorb. From their ring ability to standing tall even as The Bear, this force has shown to be unstoppable.

The non-binary nightmare has worked in promotions such as GCW, NWA, and Ring of Honor. In the ROH Women’s World Title Tournament, they made it all the way to the quarter-finals, defeating the representative of the Darkside herself, Holidead. Angelina Love and Willow Nightingale are a few others that have felt the wrath and destruction, with many more to come.

Their first start in wrestling occurs in 2018, winning their first title in 2019. Before making their way to ROH, Max The Impaler is a former IWA Women’s Champion and former OVW Women’s Champion. Alongside partner Heidi Howitzer, the Wasteland War Party are the current New South Tag Team Champions, reigning for over two months. In addition, Max the Impaler is the current ZERO1 USA Women’s Champion, reigning since the beginning of this year.

Non-Binary Representation

The most important aspect to them when it comes to representation in wrestling is “helping create an environment for others to feel safe and comfortable to be their authentic self.” Being non-binary in wrestling is something that is rare. Having someone like Max The Impaler gives others who identify as non-binary a true representation. It is important to have representation throughout, within all communities.

We are seeing it more in major promotions such as AEW and this is just the beginning. It is also important for all of us to continue to educate ourselves when it comes to recognizing those appropriately. This is especially important in commentary when identifying the correct pronouns.

Respect is and should always be the main focus.


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