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NXT 2.0 – Jun 28

NXT 2.0 kicks off with a tag team match between Roxanne Perez teaming with Cora Jade against Katana and Kayden. Furthermore, Indi Hartwell faces off with Kiana James. In addition, we see Toxic Attraction while Mandy Rose goes one on one with Nikkita Lyons.

Katana Chance & Kayden Carter vs. Roxanne Perez & Cora Jade – #1 Contender’s Match – Winners face Toxic Attraction at the Great American Bash for the Women’s Tag Team Championships 

As Toxic Attraction watches from the Toxic Lounge, Cora Jade and Kayden begin the match. Kayden goes for such a unique rope move then a double team move with Katana. In addition, Katana lands for a pin attempt on Cora Jade.

WWE Photo

Cora kicks Katana, who bounces off the ropes and over Cora’s head. She sweeps Cora off of her feet and bounces on top of Cora to land in front of her smiling. Katana wrapped her legs around Cora’s face and then lands her with a facebuster. She then goes for a pin attempt, and Cora kicks out.

Cora and Katana swing back and forth once, Katana landing by the turnbuckle, she elbows Cora. Furthermore, we see Toxic Attraction taking a selfie while not paying attention to the match. Cora counters Katana’s move and goes for a pinfall attempt.

Katana wraps her arms around Cora who slips out, going for a double kick. Cora goes to her corner, tagging in Roxanne. In addition, she does two uppercuts to Katana. Roxanne attempts a headscissors then to a pin attempt. As Roxanne controls Katana, she goes to the corner to tag in Cora. In addition, she carries Katana for a bit, before tagging in Roxanne again.

WWE Photo

Roxanne keeps Katana close until she kicks her. In addition, Katana tags in Kayden, with Kayden kicking Roxanne from the apron. During this time, Cora is in the corner leaning in for a tag. Kayden goes for a tag and they have a double team move while Katana controls Roxanne who is trying to tag in Cora.

Furthermore, Katana jumps on Roxanne, catches her, then reverses. Roxanne bounces off the top rope and goes to tag in Cora. They have a double team combination before Cora goes for a pin attempt. They are both holding on to Katana who is able to reach out to tag in Kayden.

Both teams are face to face! Cora and Roxanne do a dropkick at the same time to their opponents. Roxanne is getting ready to dive when Kayden comes out of nowhere to hit her. In addition, Katana slides Cora off the apron. Kayden throws Roxanne out of the ring, while Kayden and Katana stand tall.

WWE Photo

Kayden and Katana now are in control of the match, more specifically Roxanne who is in the ring. While Roxanne is fighting off Kayden, she does a single-leg crab. Roxanne tries to go by her corner, while Katana is tagged in and very quickly goes for a submission.

Roxanne goes for a pinfall attempt to create separation but it doesn’t last long, Katana tries another submission, and Roxanne is able to fight her off and goes to tag Cora. Kayden and Cora face-off and Cora pushes off Katana while focusing on Kayden in the ring. Cora and Kayden elbow each other on multiple occasions. As Kayden is looking for her partner in the corner, she does not realize Roxanne was tagged in.

Kayden goes for a kick to Roxanne and pushes Cora off the corner. Kayden and Katana are setting up a move but Cora is able to break it up to assist Roxanne with her finisher and the victory. Cora Jade and Roxanne Perez will now face Gigi Dolin and Jacy Jayne for the Women’s Tag Team Championships at the Great American Bash.

Astrid’s Point

I loved the action between both teams especially Katana and Kayden’s unique double-team moves. I would have preferred if Roxanne went after Mandy with her contracted title match instead of being in a contender’s match for the Women’s Tag Team Championships.

Toxic Attraction Interview 

Jacy Jayne says she was unimpressed and their match will be easier than they thought. Her opinion is based on Roxanne and Cora’s performance just a few minutes ago. In addition, Gigi Dolin says that it doesn’t matter if they’re best friends because they have beaten best friends, enemies, and frenemies, they have beaten them all.

WWE Photo

Mandy says the “Little Miss Breakout Star” better not think of using her contract on Mandy. Surprisingly, Nikkita Lyons interrupts and says Roxanne may have never won if she would not withdraw from the tournament, but we’ll never know.

Nikkita goes on to announce that she is back and her eyes are on Mandy. The current NXT Women’s Champion replies that all eyes are on her at all times. Toxic Attraction mocks Nikkita while Mandy says she’ll find out tonight when she steps in the ring with her, she’s the queen of this jungle.

Astrid’s Point

Even as a heel, I wasn’t expecting Mandy to take on Nikkita the way she did during the interview. I wondered if this was the way to set up Nikkita vs. Mandy for the NXT Women’s Championship and where that would leave Roxanne and her contract.

Briggs and Jensen Promo 

Briggs and Jensen have a promo to celebrate winning the NXT UK Tag Team Championships. In addition, Fallon is there to celebrate with them. Jensen thanks Briggs for choosing him as a partner.

WWE Photo

Jensen says there’s one thing left to do and Fallon says it’s time to drink some beers. Suddenly, they are interrupted by Pretty Deadly. They say that the championships were beautiful but now they are held by “trailer trash.” Briggs and Jensen take on Pretty Deadly, and Fallon assists them too.

Now, the match has not been made official yet for the NXT UK Tag Team Championships. However, on a Digital Exclusive, Briggs and Jensen confirm that they will be hosting a Great American Bash BBQ. Of course, everyone is invited whether they are on RAW, SmackDown, or NXT.

Kayden Carter & Katana Chance backstage

Kayden and Katana are upset about their loss while Tatum Paxley is on her phone. “I know we’re better than those two and we’re better than Toxic,” Katana says. Tatum looks over at them and it seems to upset Kayden.

In addition, Kayden asks Tatum why she’s looking at them while Tatum replies that she’s giving them space. Kayden tells her to mind her own business! Tatum responds, “Don’t think you can come at me because you lost a match.”

Astrid’s Point

This segment made me wonder if we will see a change in attitude from Kayden and Katana. Furthermore, there are not that many heels in the women’s division as a whole, especially if Roxanne and Cora win the tag team championships at the Great American Bash.

Indi Hartwell vs. Kiana James 

From the start, they lock up and Indi is in control! However, Kiana is quickly able to reverse it. As the match goes on, Kiana mocks Indi and states that she is smarter than her.

At this moment, Indi looks fired up! Indi goes for a few arm drags while Kiana is able to outsmart her and Indi misses the last one. Indi goes for another one to lock it in on Kiana.

WWE Photo

She takes Kiana on her shoulders, dropping her by the turnbuckle and to the outside. Kiana is on the apron while bouncing Indi off the ropes and signaling that she is smarter than Indi again. Kiana goes for a kick and Kiana is now in control of the match. She has Indi in a submission, wrapping her legs around Indi’s abdomen are, punching her back.

Indi elbows her, going for a pin attempt to break the submission. Indi bounces off the ropes, kicking Kiana in the face as she plants on the mat. Indi goes for a few clotheslines, and she has fired up again!

Now, Kiana is hanging on the apron. Indi goes two uppercuts and a running knee while Kiana hangs on the ropes then falls on the mat. Kiana kicks Indi to create separation, Indi shows off her power but Kiana counters.

WWE Photo

Indi bounces off the apron, attempting an elbow but Kiana moves out of the way. Then, Indi lands on the mat and Kiana uses this to her advantage. She goes for a roll up, using the ropes as leverage and wins the match. At the end of the match, she is standing by the entrance, signaling to Indi that she outsmarted her again.

Astrid’s Point

I hope this match is the beginning of a new direction for Indi. She is loved by the audience but she does not have a clear, definitive storyline at the moment.

Alba Fyre vs. Lash Legend Recap | Lash Promo

We are given a recap of Alba versus Lash Legend. In addition, there is a medical update on Alba. Lash Legend interrupts saying Alba is on the shelf permanently. To no surprise, Alba finds out that Lash doesn’t just “talk the talk, I walk the walk.”

Astrid’s Point

I love Lash Legend’s promo! She is already strong on the mic and I hope her rivalry with Alba is to build her up further, giving her even more experience.

Wendy Choo Promo 

Wendy Choo does a promo in response to Tiffany Stratton. She can not sleep when she is reminiscing on what Tiffany had to say. In addition, Wendy fights it off and is able to sleep. She suddenly recaps what she has done to Toxic Attraction and Tiffany. This includes throwing confetti at Tiffany a few weeks ago.

She wakes up, takes her soda, and goes to brush her teeth. We have Wendy’s voice-over, “Tiffany Stratton believes I’m stupid. If I look stupid and she thinks I look stupid, even though I know I’m not stupid. Doesn’t that make her stupid for thinking I’m stupid when I’m not actually stupid?”

Wendy turns to say, “Listen, Stratton, it’s simple, stupid. I get under your skin, I go over for the pin, and then I win. See you at the Bash, Tiff Tiff.” Tiffany and Wendy face each other in a singles match at the Great American Bash.

Wendy Choo locks up with Tiffany Stratton | WWE

Astrid’s Point

I love Wendy’s character, Tiffany has been improving so much and I do see her getting a push, especially as a heel over Wendy. I believe Tiffany will be winning on Tuesday.

Mandy Rose (with Gigi Dolin & Jacy Jayne) vs. Nikkita Lyons – Singles Match 

Mandy and Nikkita start with a lock-up, while Nikkita overpowers Mandy. Rose is in control for just a moment. However, Nikkita is able to reverse it while Mandy is contemplating her next move.

Mandy kicks Nikkita, taking her down, able to drag her into the corner to kick the back of her leg. Nikkita creates a distance between them, taking a moment for her to recover. Nikkita now kicks Mandy, taking her to the corner, and Nikkita is in control.

WWE Photo

Mandy rolls outside while Gigi and Jacy check on her. Mandy says, “Who does she thinks she is?” Now, Nikita is on the mat, while Mandy focuses on her leg/knee. In addition, she kicks her a few times.

Nikkita fights her off, punching Mandy a few times as well. Mandy reverses it, punching Nikkita now. Nikkita sets up a submission, while Mandy trash-talks Nikkita. She tells her she’s a nobody.

WWE Photo

Nikkita overpowers her, taking Mandy down immediately. Now, she continues to kick Mandy, while Gigi and Jacy attack Nikkita. In addition, This causes a disqualification.

Cora and Roxanne arrive for assistance, evening out the odds. They do a double kick to Mandy. Following after, Gigi and Jacy pull Mandy outside, while Nikkita, Roxanne, and Cora stand tall.

WWE Photo

Astrid’s Point

Before the match began, I knew this would end in a disqualification to set up Mandy versus Nikkita later on for the NXT Women’s Championship. However, this match has not been announced for the Great American Bash but I have a feeling we will be seeing it soon!

NXT UK – Jun 30 

Blair Davenport vs. Angel Hayze

They begin the match by locking up, and Blair overpowers Angel. Hayze is able to build some offense, while Blair is oozing confidence from the start. Hayze goes for a cross body, and Blair ducks to avoid it, going for a double stomp to the back of Angel.

Blair shows aggressiveness towards Angel, and Hayze begins to bounce off the ropes. However, Blair counters with a shoulder tackle to take her down. Blair goes for a submission, keeping Angel grounded.

WWE Photo

Blair takes Angel to the corner, hitting her with a side kick. Angel lands by the bottom rope, while Blair goes for a kick and a pin attempt. Angel is able to take control of Blair for a moment then she runs to the corner. Then, Blair kicks her to separate from her.

Blair was setting up a move, while Angel counters it with a body scissors. Davenport counters it and goes for the Falcon Arrow for the win. Blair says she’s back, to crush all your hope before leaving the ring.

WWE Photo

Astrid’s Point

Blair hasn’t missed a beat during her time off, showing a lot of confidence, aggressiveness, and power in this match. It won’t take long before she faces Meiko for the NXT UK Women’s Championship.

Emilia McKenzie vs. Fallon Henley 

Both ladies lock up, Emilia going for submission early on. Fallon reverses it and goes for a pin attempt. Emilia controls Fallon for a moment, and she is able to show off her athleticism.

In addition, Fallon seems to be quite impressed. Emilia uses her knees to pin Fallon. Fallon is able to use her legs to reverse Emilia’s pin attempt.

We see another pin roll though from both ladies, reversing each other’s pinfall attempts. Fallon goes for a few arm drags, while Emilia goes for an uppercut. They are pretty much even when it comes to their power, both able to control each other for some time.

WWE Photo

Emilia sets up a submission, while Fallon tries to escape, easing the pressure. Henley is able to escape, fighting off Emilia, and going for a pin attempt. Emilia goes for a few clotheslines and a side slam then a pin attempt.

Emilia goes to the corner, and Fallon catapults herself from the corner while tweaking her knee when she lands. Emilia spears her knee/leg, focusing more pressure on it. In addition, Fallon goes a pin attempt and wins. Emilia looks frustrated that she does not gain the victory. Fallon goes to the corner to shake Emilia’s hand on her way out.

Following her loss to @FallonHenleyWWE, @MMckenzieWWE says she will continue to train with @satomurameiko for future success. #NXTUK — NXT UK (@NXTUK) June 30, 2022

Astrid’s Point

They seem pretty evenly matched and had chemistry. I loved their back and forth showing off their strengths. I’m looking forward to seeing Fallon having at least another match in NXT UK.

Sarray Interview

Sarray is asked about her debut last week and interrupted by Xia Brookside and Eliza Alexander. They tease Sarray that if she stays, she will play by their rules.

Meiko interrupts them with Emilia. Meiko says “You two talk too much.” She continues to say that if they want to step up against her and Sarray, they will teach them a lesson. In addition, Xia and Eliza retreat.

"You two talk too much!"@satomurameiko continues to have @SarrayWWE's back and promises to teach @XiaBrooksideWWE and @ElizaAlexanderr a lesson! #NXTUK — NXT UK (@NXTUK) June 30, 2022

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