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Updated: Jul 29, 2023

NXT – June 13

Thea Hail v Cora Jade

Before her match, Thea is backstage with Drew Gulak and Charlie Dempsey as they give her a critique on the way she handled Lash Legend last week during the Battle Royal. She’s arguing with both of them about the way she locked on her move, Duke arrives to say he’s unable to grade papers due to how loud they are. He makes a call to Andre Chase, he apologizes for all the voicemails but he’s looking for Andre’s recovery time/return date. He says, “Things are getting a little out of hand.”

With every move she does, Cora is mocking and laughing at Thea. Jade has a headlock on Thea when Dana makes her way to ringside, Thea is fired up, reversing Cora’s moves. Cora is able to gain control, Dana cheering on Thea at ringside. Thea is able to control Cora and gains momentum. Thea dives onto Cora who stops Thea before she lands outside, Cora then takes a shot at Dana. Cora takes her kendo stick, to hit Thea but the referee takes it away, Dana pushes Cora to the steel steps, but the referee did not see it. Thea takes advantage by putting Cora in the Kimura lock for the win.

Dana is clapping for Thea’s victory, by the ramp, Charlie Dempsey and Drew Gulak are clapping as well.

Later on, Thea and Duke are walking backstage, Duke tells her he’s proud of her, she’s been training, won the Battle Royal, beating Cora, and that she’ll be “the youngest NXT Women’s Champions in history!” Next week he’s planning to do a pep rally to “amp” her up. Tiffany interrupts, “My ears don’t tolerate children’s voices so the least you could do is use your indoor voice. Oh, by the way, I love this whole underdog story you’ve got going on. It’s so cute but in this story, the underdog doesn’t win.” Thea lowers her voice to tell Duke, “I can beat her.”

Drew and Charlie arrive, Drew says, “Let me get this straight. Thea barely escapes this match and now you want to throw her a pep rally?” Charlie says, “Why are you already celebrating when there’s no guarantee you’re going to win? You need to get back in that gym, and focus on your training.” Duke interrupts, “Guys, that’s enough! She just won her match.” Thea interrupts him, “It’s okay, I know I can beat her. You guys! I’ll see you in the gym later.”

Astrid’s Point

The match was quick but it delivered the story it had, Dana, being involved with Cora, Thea gaining momentum, learning, and getting praise from Drew and Charlie at the end of the match.

Nathan Frazer v Oro Mensah – Heritage Cup

Noam Dar discusses his injury, stating Nathan attacked him in the parking lot, Oro Mensah is defending the cup in Noam’s honor.

In Round 4, Lash and Jakara are distracting the referee, Lash is pulling Nathan’s hair until Valentina Feroz and Yulisa Leon wipe them out from the apron, giving Nathan the opportunity to do his finisher, pin, and win the Heritage Cup.

Astrid’s Point

I’ve been looking forward to how this story would continue, really glad to see Valentina and Yulisa being included in it so they get highlighted more often and are able to learn from the men as well. I have a feeling pretty soon we’ll hear Noam Dar saying he didn’t lose because Oro Mensah wrestled the match and he didn’t.

Lyra Valkyria Video Package

“At Battleground, I came within an inch of claiming the NXT Women’s Championship. Last week in the Battle Royal, I let immortality skip through my fingers again. I need to have a short-term memory of these failures. Nothing worth having comes easy and a true champion overcomes great odds to reach the pinnacle of their potential. I’ll keep evolving, adapting, and channeling the spirit of the Morgan to raise me up from these defeats, to soar over the battlefield of NXT.”

Jacy Jayne and Elektra Lopez are watching Lyra’s video package. Jacy says, “What is she even talking about? What does that mean? And what is this? (showing Lyra’s pose.)” Elektra says, “I don’t know but you can’t deny she’s pretty impressive even Tiffany said it.” Jacy responds, “You would know, she dumped you out of the Battle Royal last week.” Lola Vice arrives, “Perdoname, maybe you should check the tape because Lyra eliminated you too.” Jacy leaves, and Lola says, “I don’t like too many people Elektra but I like you.” Elektra says, “Likewise. We should stick together.”

Astrid’s Point

This was a nice way to introduce Lola and Elektra’s friendship and probably their tag team in NXT programming moving forward.

Blair Davenport Vignette

Astrid’s Point

I loved having Blair show us where the attacks happened, giving us a reason for each one and a glimpse into her relationship with Tatum Paxley. The vignette is exactly what was needed to continue her story as the attacker.

Roxanne Perez v Tatum Paxley

Roxanne is able to show off her athleticism and unique covers early on. Tatum shows off a double underhook move to slam Roxanne’s face on the mat. Paxley has been able to show unique offensive maneuvers while also showing her power. Roxanne is holding onto the ropes, and Paxley runs after her, Roxanne jumps on Tatum with a roll through and victory.

After the match, Roxanne says, “Blair Davenport, you’ve hidden in the shadows for months and put a huge dent in our women’s locker room, striking fear into our roster. Look into my eyes Blair, I’m not afraid of you. You didn’t get me the way you wanted so you can keep hunting for me, but now I’m looking for you, and I will hurt just like you hurt the rest of our women. That’s not a threat, Blair. That’s a damn promise.”

Astrid’s Point

The finish was a bit awkward but other than that, I enjoyed the match. I really loved seeing this darker side of Roxanne, showing more aggressiveness now that she’s facing Blair soon. I loved her promo, it was short and to the point.

Gigi Dolin & Fallon Henley Backstage Segment

Fallon Henley offered Gigi Dolin some consolation as the two expressed their displeasure for Kiana James. Dolin was warned by Henley to keep an eye on James.

Astrid’s Point

I really like seeing most of the ladies reflecting on how it went wrong for them during the Battle Royal. I also like seeing how Fallon arrives to give Gigi advice knowing her history with Kiana.

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