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Updated: Jul 29, 2023

NXT – June 20

Gigi Dolin Vignette & Kiana James Interview

Gigi says, “I’ve always been drawn to art and self-expression, I see it as living creativity. My dreary upbringing was brightened by escaping reality and diving into the images generated in my mind, it’s reflected in the gear I wear. I’ve been rejected by friends, by family, by life, that’s what makes me unique. That’s what sets me apart from everyone else. But no matter where I walk, I have the freedom to create whatever enters my mind.”

McKenzie is interviewing Kiana reacting to Gigi’s words. She begins, “Gigi calls that art? I call it a waste of real estate. I don’t talk about my feelings or why bright colors motivate me. I’m fueled by results, especially in the ring. But the ironic thing is, Gigi and I, we’re not as different as she says. Believe it or not, McKenzie when I was young, I was reckless, I broke rules, and I got into trouble but, unlike Gigi, I grew up. I took the path toward success. It’s called ambition. I have it, I embraced it and Gigi can’t even spell it. But, hey, good for Gigi, she’s happy swimming in a pool of mediocrity.

Astrid’s Point

I did like Gigi’s delivery but was mostly confused as to how art connects to her wrestling aside from her gear. I liked how Kiana compared herself to Gigi but also showed how different they are.

Thea Hail’s Pep Rally

Prior to her championship match the following week, Thea Hail held a rally. Tiffany Stratton interrupts, and the two fight after which Hail has the last laugh. Hail grabs Tiffany, placing her in a Kimora Lock, Tiffany taps out, and Thea frees her and grabs the title as she is running in circles around the Pep Rally participants.

Astrid’s Point

Thea’s Pep Rally really made me wonder if they’ll be giving Thea the championship so she will end up being the youngest NXT Women’s Champion as it is something that was highlighted quite often during the segment.

👁️ — NXT Anonymous (@NXT_Anonymous) June 20, 2023

NXT Anonymous Video & Roxanne Attacks Blair Davenport

A video from NXT Anonymous is played, Lyra stops Jacy’s phone call to ask about her words last week, if she has a problem with Lyra, and if she does, she can tell her to her face. Jacy says she doesn’t have a problem with her and it’s just locker room talk, Lyra tells her she doesn’t play games. Lyra leaves and Jacy says maybe I should just kick her in the face before leaving as well.

Backstage Roxanne attacks Blair Davenport, Roxanne highlighting an aggressive side of herself. Blair says, “Game on!”

Astrid’s Point

This part between Lyra and Jacy just made me think they’ll be facing each other soon, using the exchange as a foundation as not much has happened yet. I did love seeing the new side of Roxanne from the promo last week to attacking Blair this week, she’s building that aggressiveness that we haven’t seen from her before.

Cora Jave v Dana Brooke

Dana starts off with a few shoulder tackles, but Cora slaps him back, laughs, and flees. Using her experience in gymnastics, Brooke knocks Cora to the ground and holds her there in the middle of the ring. Dana’s face is thrown against a turnbuckle, and Cora has the chance to take control by slamming Dana’s face to the mat. As Cora tries to stomp Dana, who had moved, Dana’s head scissors Cora to bring her down by using the ropes as leverage.

Dana is able to jump while also showcasing her gymnastics background to avoid Cora as she attempts to sweep her off her feet. Dana’s knee is caught in the ropes as Cora knees her in the face as she enters the ring. Dana tries to put some distance between herself and Cora, but as she turns around and her knee gives way, the referee stops to check on her. As Cora draws nearer, the referee calls for the medics.

Dana is battling Jade outside while her knee hurts. Dana’s knee is blocked by Cora chop, who repeatedly strikes the mat with it. Dana tries to separate herself, but she is having trouble because of her knee. Dana elbows Cora in the back. She then tries to splash Cora, but Cora moves out of the way. Cora attempts a single-leg crab submission, which Dana tries to resist, but she is stuck in the middle of the ring with no way out, so the referee stops it, and Cora Jade is declared the winner. Dana’s knee was injured during this process.

Astrid’s Point

First, I don’t know why Dana gets so much hate. I didn’t like the gap in the match from the medics checking on Dana, it would have been better for them to take her and the referee to end the match with a count-out or give Cora the victory. Having Dana get off the stretcher just as her knee is supposed to be injured to her returning to the ring, continuing, and having the referee stop the match. I wasn’t a fan of the medics checking on her during a picture-in-picture, Cora mocking her and Dana trying to keep her away as she is being checked on.

Jakara Jackson & Lash Legend v Valentina Feroz & Yulisa Leon

Yulisa and Valentina pursue Lash and Jakara right away. As Jakara and Yulisa struggle in the ring until Lash drags Yulisa outside, the referee checks on Yulisa due to her recent knee injury. Lash picks up and drops Valentina on the steel steps. Jakara tags Lash, who is splashed by Yulisa after she enters the ring. Jakara is tagged in and strikes Yulisa with a cutter as Lola Vice and Elektra arrive to observe the action. Yulisa can use her strength to break free after Jakara has her in a submission and tags Valentina.

With double knees and a takedown from the top rope, Valentina is ferocious in her clash with Lash. Although Oro tries to sweep Valentina off her feet, she does hit Lash with the meteora and uses the ropes to get her back. To avoid it, Valentina leaps and stomps on his hand. To prevent losing the match to the ladies, Valentina strikes Oro with a cross body. Yulisa dives on top of him. Reentering the ring, Valentina is met by Lash’s powerful boot, and Jakara and Lash triumph.

Astrid’s Point

I was getting into the pacing of the match and it was over so quickly, I knew they didn’t have a lot of time this week but they should have placed it in a week to give it some time. I’m enjoying Jakara and I want to see more from her, it was also Yulisa’s return match, would have been nice for her to be highlighted a bit more as well. I was disappointed it ended with a big boot, I didn’t believe it was over yet.


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