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NXT – May 23

Lyra Valkyria v Cora Jade – NXT Women’s Championship Tournament

To open the show, we had a video package from each of the participants talking about their stops in the tournament.

Beginning the match, Lyra is using the ropes to bounce off and she falls, Cora takes that moment to capitalize on it as a heel would. Lyra is able to recover but not for long until Cora takes over. Lyra has a unique pinning combination; Cora takes advantage to reverses into a submission, but Lyra is able to break away from it.

Cora has Lyra hanging from the middle rope, she runs the ropes to hit her from behind, but Lyra avoids it, Cora gets hit with the ropes instead. Lyra hits Cora with a spinning round house kick, pins Cora and wins, moving on the finals.

After the match, Lyra is focusing on staring at the championship, Cora takes out Lyra’s knee and goes to hit her with the kendo stick to Lyra’s knee. Several referees arrive to separate her and check on Lyra.

Later on, Lyra is interviewed to get a status on her injury. Lyra says, “I will be fine, no matter what, I’ll be fine.” McKenzie asks who she would like to face in the finals, Lyra responds, “This is the part where everybody gives a vague answer, right? And they say they will take on anyone. I want Roxanne Perez, in my eyes, she’s the best in NXT. I want to take her on for the championship.”

Astrid’s Point

The match was short, this is one of those that didn’t need to be long either. I thought it was interesting that Cora has had two short matches in a row, this one the ending seemed awkward and underwhelming here, I wasn’t expecting that to be the finish. I did love Cora being the sore loser, she takes that moment to target Lyra’s knee and use the kendo stick on the knee too.

Gigi Dolin & Jacy Jayne Promo

The relationship between ex-Toxic Attraction members Gigi Dolin and Jacy Jayne is still going strong, according to this week’s episode. A match is set for the following week as a result of a confrontation between the two that involved Jayne in the audience and Dolin in the ring. The contest will take place in a steel cage equipped with weapons.

Astrid’s Point

It’s ironic that they discuss Toxic Attraction without specifically mentioning the band or Mandy Rose, but I really enjoyed their back-and-forth in this promo. Instead of Battleground, I wish this had taken place, and after my friend Ed suggested it, I wanted it to be a Last Woman Standing match because that would have been the ideal way to put an end to this feud. I’m eager to find out what they both accomplish after this chapter.

Roxanne Perez v Tiffany Stratton – NXT Women’s Championship Tournament

They had a back and forth, Roxanne avoiding certain moves from Tiffany as she had learned about her opponent beforehand. Roxanne goes to dive but Tiffany is able to pick her up, but Roxanne is able to wiggle out of it. Tiffany is able to show off her power quite often when picking up Roxanne, dropping her on the canvas to do her moonsault but Roxanne had it scouted and rolled out of the way beforehand. Tiffany also hits Roxanne with a spine buster that had quite the height, overpowering Roxanne. Once again when Tiffany picks up Roxanne on her shoulders, she sets up for the moonsault and the victory.

After the match, Lyra is standing across from Tiffany and Roxanne is attacked by a hooded figure as she is making her way backstage. Two referees and Lyra arrive to assist her to the backstage area.

Astrid’s Point

Roxanne being the last person Tiffany defeats to go to the finals is huge already for her especially with Roxanne’s NXT career so far. I enjoyed the match, the back and forth they had, they were both able to showcase each other very well, from Roxanne’s quickness to Tiffany’s power. I also keep wondering who the hooded figure is and if that person is also NXT Anonymous too or two different people.

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