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Ricky J Kuron’s Top Five To Watch In 2023

Updated: Aug 8, 2023

The year 2022 has long since passed, and Women’s Wrestling Talk has just announced its top 25 2022 women’s wrestlers. However, there are a few women who were supposed to be on the list but were left off. Here are my top 5 predictions for 2023.

Kasey Kirk

Kasey is a Deathmatch wrestling legend in the making. She had her first deathmatch in Combat Zone Wrestling against Jimmy Lloyd in a Square Circle of Sacrifice match at CZW’s Night of Infamy 2019. Kasey built her name and reputation in promotions like ICW No Holds Barred, Bloodstorm Pro Wrestling, and H2O Wrestling by having memorable deathmatches and recently she made HERstory by becoming the first female to win the ICW No Holds Barred American Deathmatch Championship after defeating the then champion Joel Bateman. Thus, gaining support and love from fans and wrestlers including Deathmatch wrestling legend and former Impact Wrestling knockout Mickie Knuckles who said:

“I honestly believe that @CatalKasey might actually be the best female deathmatch competitor that North America has ever produced. History could very well go on to rank her as the best ever…period.”

Candy Lee

Not to be underestimated, Candy may be a pretty face but when she gets in the ring, she makes an impact with killer kicks. She has many championships in her resume even with the Moniker of “Candy 3 belts’ ‘ as she held the PWE Women’s Championship, Maniacs New Zealand Professional Wrestling Women’s Championship, and the IPW NZ Women’s Championship in addition with her holding the Pro Wrestling VIBE’s Paris Is Bumping Grand Prize Championship where she won it from Dark Sheik after beating Dark Sheik and Edith Surreal where she successfully defended the Grand Prize championship against Impact Wrestling’s Giselle Shaw and All Elite Wrestling’s Sonny Kiss.

Dark Sheik

Dark Sheik is a Promoter and wrestler in the west coast. She has been innovating in deathmatches and uses her agility and high-flying prowess in independent Wrestling promotions like Game Changer Wrestling, Pro Wrestling VIBE, Prestige Wrestling, and her own company Hoodslam. Sheik is one of the top women’s wrestling free agents and definitely deserves to be in AEW, WWE, or Impact in the near future.

Janai Kai

DMV Native Janai Kai is another name for the top Women’s Wrestling free agents. Known as the kick demon or the baddest black belt, Janai uses her kicks against her opponents in independent promotions such as Game Changer Wrestling, Beyond Wrestling, Combat Fights Unlimited, and Deadlock Pro Wrestling. Also, she’s been on major promotions such as AEW and Ring of Honor. Most recently she was in a match against Maki Itoh at GCW’s sister promotion Jersey Championship Wrestling’s Series of Survivals 2022.

Trish Adora

Trish Adora who’s From Northeast DC as well as served in the Army proved she can go toe to toe with the greats in the business. Her matches are technical classics against Edith Surreal or against Tony Deppen at Beyond Wrestling’s The Iron match in a Sixty Minute on Beyond Wrestling’s Youtube channel.

Trish is currently the longest reigning defending inaugural Pan-Afrikan World Diaspora Wrestling World Champion. No matter what promotion, she successfully defended in technical classics with Suge D., Big Swole, Janai Kai, and Jordan Blade. She’s been seen not only in Ring of honor but in All Elite Wrestling. Hopefully Trish will go All Elite because “The Afro-Punk” proves that she’s the true Greatest of All time in the world of professional wrestling.

As a result, these five stars have impressed me and other Women’s Wrestling fans worldwide. Who knows, perhaps one of these five or even all of them would be featured on the Major promotions if they haven’t already. Thank you for reading this article, and let’s see what 2023 has in store for Women’s Professional Wrestling.


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