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Shayna Baszler Talks Gaming, Time In NXT, And Ronda Rousey

Arguably, Shayna Baszler is one of the most underrated superstars in WWE. During her time in NXT, her dominance is proven repeatedly. From matches with Rhea Ripley and Kairi Sane, Baslzer stayed at the top of the NXT mountain for quite some time.

Ahead of her match at SummerSlam, I speak with former two-time NXT Women's Champion Shayna Baszler. Being a fan of the NXT Black & Gold era, it was important to find out some of her favorite matches during that time. In addition, I wanted to know what matches would she recommend for fans who may not be familiar with dominance.

I think maybe against Kairi at NXT Brooklyn, I think the cage match I had with Iyo is a good one. I mean there's a few. The match I had with Iyo at Takeover 25 - that's a good one. There's a few.
Somebody should put together a playlist of Shayna Baszler matches and do the timeline and then they can see!

Being in the shadow of someone else is not the ideal career in wrestling. We all want more and Shayna Baszler is at the top of the list. Baszler talks about change and doing it now.

Having this like cloud above me that was like 'I only got signed because I'm friends with Ronda' or like everything being back to like my connection with Ronda when I'm the one that decided to do this.
I'm the one that took the steps to like wrestle on the indies and go to training and do all this stuff and you know it was just a thing. Regardless if it's true of not, I was always going to be known as the sidekick to Ronda.

Some fans have stated that Baszler has been held back at times and even under a shadow. We discuss those frustrations and their connections to her SummerSlam opponent, Ronda Rousey.

I was going to have to do something or my career - the pinnacle of my career was going to be being sidekicked with Ronda Rousey and I think that I am so much more than that and I'm excited to showcase that

Baszler did just that. Defeating Ronda Rousey, it seems her old friend might be done with the company as a whole. Rousey took to Instagram with a strange message to fans.

@qosbaszler you were the reason I got into this business… Now I got no reason to stay

What could this even mean? On the contrary, Shayna Baszler has quite a history with the new champion in Iyo Sky and current champion Rhea Ripley. Which one would you like to see Shayna Baszler challenge? Let us know over on our Twitter @WWTalkPod.

Be sure to check out the full interview with Shayna Baszler available now.

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