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Shotzi Scores Upset Win Over Bayley

To start the month of September in WWE, this episode of Smackdown saw Shotzi seek vengeance against Damage CTRL's Bayley for cutting off her hair a few weeks prior. The WWE Universe also saw Shotzi sport a new spiked hairstyle that fit perfectly with her overall persona. As the bell rang, Bayley seemed spooked by Shotzi's new look, an observable trend with her character throughout their rivalry these past few weeks. The fans were then treated to an exciting show with Shotzi going "balls to the wall" and displaying her risk-taking high-flying offense throughout the bout.

As Bayley called for IYO to hand over the championship for a possible sneak attack, Charlotte Flair ran to ringside to prevent the underhanded tactic. She immediately went for IYO as "The Queen" was possibly still irate over the SummerSlam cash-in. As Dakota distracted the referee for Bayley to take advantage, Flair would capitalize by delivering a forearm to "The Role Model" before Shotzi finished her off with a Modified DDT to secure the victory.

Charlotte would then join Shotzi in the ring to celebrate her victory. WWE then announced that the two will be teaming up against Bayley and IYO SKY on the following episode of Smackdown.

Writer's Thoughts: Bayley and Shotzi delivered an entertaining match, albeit short. We were given consistency with their ongoing rivalry while Shotzi further capitalized on this opportunity to grow as a top babyface star on Smackdown. It'll be interesting, however, to see how Charlotte inserts herself into this storyline. While the blatant expectation is for her to challenge IYO SKY for the WWE Women's Championship, I would love for her to help elevate Shotzi to her caliber now that the top babyface role on Smackdown is vacant with Bianca Belair reportedly on hiatus for weeks.

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