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Summon Kidd Bandit- A Look into the Anime Protangonst and Being Trans

Kidd Bandit has been burning up the wrestling scene for the past 11 months, making their debut in June 2021. Bandit was trained by JGT and the Santino Bros. They would also spend some time training at the Nightmare Factory with Cody Rhodes QT Marshall. Even with my interview with them, they spoke highly about their time at the Nightmare Factory and praised Cody’s training and advice.

“Today is my 11th month anniversary since I debuted. We’re approaching the season 1 finale soon, and the last story arc of the season is gonna be wild…I promise….”

The beautiful thing about wrestling is that there is no exception to the many kinds of characters you would see make their way inside the wrestling ring. Kidd Bandit is no exception, bringing talent, skill, and authenticity to all of their matches. They cosplay, have an amazing personality, an amazing aesthetic and they allude so much kindness. This anime protagonist has gained quite a following with many in the wrestling world, including myself. A wrestler now turned friend.

In March, Kidd said they would be coming out to their family. I remember sending my love and support for this as there are so many who come out and their family aren’t as supportive.

“Update about me coming out to my family… Mom isn’t mad but she’s sad. Understandable but she’s chilling. Dad is accepting but upset I still dress goth as a femme. Would prefer Forever 21 normie look. Idk how to feel about this. Either way…thank you for all the support.”

Unfortunately, while many of us have been supportive of Kidd Bandit’s trans journey and the many versions that have allowed us to see in the wrestling ring, many have been quite hateful. Mean spirited and straight ignorant. They have spent a lot of time trying to help others in the LGBTQ community but also defending their right to just live. 

During our interview, they spoke about struggling with their mental health and having many ups and downs with different things affecting them in their life.

“How can you invalidate an important part of someone’s life and say, “it’s not hated it’s the truth” and then bring up the high suicide rates statistic without making the connection that being invalidated is one of the biggest reasons trans youth commit suicide.”

While many expect those in the public eye including wrestlers to stay away from politics. For people part of the LGBT community, doing things that heterosexual people do not have to deal with. They get slack for just living.

“I’m non-binary trans. I’ve been embracing it more every day leading up to this event. People said that me living my enby life confidently has helped them embrace who they are. It’s Big Gay Brunch Day. In Texas. Where being trans is almost being criminalized.”

One of the things I respect and appreciate about Kidd Bandit is how much they relate to the fans, but also their appreciation for their fans. They know they have critics. I mean many people do, but they also know that they work really hard in the time that they have been wrestling.  

“I’m gonna get so fucking good at wrestling and being proud of who I am to the point no critic can deny me or use my identity to discredit my work. Fucking watches me. It’s only been 9 months of wrestling for me, and I’ve gotten this far. I’m setting the bar. Regardless of my gender.”

Recently, Kidd Bandit was subjected to so much hate and transphobia that they considered leaving wrestling all together. 

 “I don’t know if I have the strength to keep going once my last booking gets through. A ton of days, I’m depressed and suicidal because I can only push back so much of the hate. People have suggested for me to take a break and that’s not a bad idea but even if I take a break, the homophobia and transphobia will still be there. It won’t go away just because I did. Anyway, I owe it to everyone to explain why I’m falling apart. I’m tired of the bullying and the hate. I’m human. I’m scared. I don’t feel safe doing this. I’m an Indy wrestler that gets threatened regularly. I don’t want to be a statistic. Not to myself and not as the victim of a hate crime.”

I was drawn to Kidd Bandit by their larger-than-life style when they stepped into the square circle. They were always so genuine that after we did our interview, I knew I was even more of a fan than I was before. Being able to see them in person when they wrestled in New Jersey cemented that fact, watching everyone else respond to their energy was something you expect from someone like The Rock. They are a whole movement themselves. I would love to see more promotions #SummonKiddBandit and see the magic they bring into the ring. 

I leave this with one of my favorite quotes from them.

“…my whole platform to inspire. To help show that you can be yourself and succeed. You can live your life. I did it. Despite all the fucking odds, I got to this point. I’m gonna be a real hero and I won’t let you all down because y’all raise me up whenever I’m lost.”


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