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The Empress Of The Knockouts: Gail Kim

On February 20th, 1977, Gail Kim was born. Gail attended school prior to becoming a wrestler, earning a degree in nutrition in the process. Gail began her athletic career as a volleyball and basketball player at a young age.

Eventually, Gail would get into professional wrestling. Making her debut in the Canadian American independent wrestling circle in 2000. She would sign with WWE in 2002 and from the very beginning, I was a fan of her look, her skills, and her drive.

On her debut match in WWE, Gail would win the WWE Women’s championship making her the first woman to do so in WWE history.

Gail would go to TNA in 2005 and would be the valet for the tag team American’s Most Wanted. At first, she was only meant to be a manager, but that changed when AMW split up and allowed Gail to start her singles career in TNA. 

In October 2007, Gail would become the inaugural TNA Knockouts Champion. One of my favorite feuds that Gail had was with Awesome King in Impact. Their feud would bring women’s wrestling to the forefront, showing wrestling fans that women’s matches can deliver and should be watched. Gail was intricate in making the Knockouts the division it is today. Some can even say their feud may have been one of the greatest women’s wrestling feuds in wrestling history. 

Gail would leave TNA in 2008 and go back to WWE to leave in 2011. She also has some impressive accomplishments such as being the #1 women’s wrestler in the world for PWI in 2012. In 2016 she would also be the first woman inductee into the TNA Wrestling Hall of Fame. In TNA/Impact Gail has been the Knockout’s Champion 7 times, and the Knockouts tag team champion with Madison Rayne once. 

In 2017, Gail would retire from wrestling saying she wanted to retire in the place she called home. Currently, Gail is with Impact wrestling where she works with the in-ring talent as a producer.

Gail is currently one of my absolute favorite women to ever grace a wrestling ring, and she continues to do amazing things behind the scenes at Impact. She’s someone who deserves all her flowers and more. 


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